Friday, 18 December 2015


Friday again so here is my 'Rocking your World' post noting all the positives of the week 

First up Friday last week saw an inset day for said 15 year old so me and hubby also took the day off and we ventured to Chatsworth, the theme this year the Wind in the Willows. As members we didn't have to prebook which was great, although the introduction of the timed entry makes sense to give you time to have a look around whilst not 
feeling overcrowded.  So first up Mole decorating his tree.

The Chapel is always amazing and this art installation is breathtaking we've seen this done previously but not in gold.  

The trees were beautiful said 15 year old got this one of me and hubby in the main hall.  

And I got this photo from a jaunty angle.

Loved Ratty in the bath and the baubles as bubbles!

The wreaths were pretty spectacular too.

I even managed a smiley photo of said 15 year old. 

Mr Toad in partying mode.

The gifts in the shop were great too!

Saturday brought really wet weather but hubby and said 15 year old helped with present wrapping which was lovely.

Another grateful was said 15 year old asking I repeat asking if I would like him to clean and tidy the TV room - you can imagine my answer and yes he did an awesome job. 

We also had a great time playing monopoly millionaire a much improved version of the original (much improved meaning much quicker).  However, we discovered playing it with hubby after he has had a few beers was highly amusing as he demanded we give him money for auctioned properties rather than the bank and when we played it the following day he started out by asking what the rules were (I kid you not!) - the beer was obviously very good!

Next happy - said 15 year old taking over my craft table for a bit, it is lovely to see him being so creative!  

And here are some of the things he made for friends at school - no help requested! 

Being part of a crafting community is pretty much always awesome, you can talk paper with people and they get how giddy you are, or the latest paint colour you've tried or a you tube video talking about techniques with your gelli plate, it also lends itself to some seriously fab swaps around this time of year, I've taken part in two Secret Santas (both duly sat under the tree as I'm a good girl) and a secret card swap - which now isn't so secret.  My Secret Card Swapper was Rebecca who lives in France and did this amazing three dimensional card with interchangeable characters for the grotto in the middle and with fold down sides to show a photo of most of the people in the group who went on a retreat earlier in the year!  I was overwhelmed by the creativity and it will become a firm favourite each year as part of our Christmas decorations.

The rest of the week has been busy but overall fun, I had three really productive days at work at the beginning of the week - another happy grateful is my boss at my second job allowing me to work from home yesterday, it meant that I could be in for when a much needed delivery arrived, it also allowed me to get loads and loads of work done, so it was very much a mission accomplished feeling at the end of the day! 

There have been other positives in the week, funny discussions with family on Whatsapp, lovely Christmas cards through the post, some with the odd 'catch up' and this morning I sit here in my dining room looking at the most beautiful sky - feeling very blessed. 

As Kate mentioned last week, the 52nd Rocking Your World post actually lands on Christmas Day and she did ask what we wanted to do with regards to that, I will post on Friday as normal - however I will be preparing the post in advance to just drop in as it were and if I spot other people have done the same but not had time to link up then I will link for them, although we are only a merry band of 3 or 4 as it were.  

If you prefer to post once you've written then join in whenever suits you - it really isn't an issue if it's not until Saturday or Sunday or Monday or if you want to post it earlier on Wednesday or Thursday - or you might just be too busy with too many things on - if that's the case then clock those positives mentally and don't worry about putting a post together. 

Mine is part of my mind therapy to keep me focusing on the good in life, I hope that you find that too, anyway Mr Linky 


  1. What a lovely positive post.Especially since said 15 yr old is being so nice. I just love those cards he made with the snowman poos.
    Chatsworth is stunning. I like Mr Toad partying, and the lovely photo of you and your hubby.
    I've never heard of Monopoly Millionaire. If it is shorter, then I'm definitely interested. We played a game (new to me) called Sequence. We both liked it a lot and it was very easy to learn. (No beer required, lol). I will post about it on Tuesday (T for Tuesday).
    I don't know if I'll be able to post next week. I will do my best, but I am staying at my mum's so it depends on many things.
    Sincere wishes for a wonderful Christmas with your family,

  2. I posted a comment earlier today but it seems to have vanished in the ether!
    I commented on how good your week has been especially since said 15 yr old has been so good. I really love his cards with the snowman poos. Brilliant!
    Chatworth is always beautiful. I love the Wind-in-the-willows decorations. Especially Mr Toad partying!
    I have not heard of Monopoly Millionaire. If it is shorter than I am definitely interested. We played a (to us) new game last night called Sequence. We really liked it, also because it is so easy to learn (no beers required).
    That is a great photo of you guys by the tree. Really lovely.
    I don't know if I will be able to post anything next week. We'll be in Holland staying at my mum's. But I'll do my best and try.
    I'm wishing you a very blessed and peaceful Christmas with you and yours,

  3. I loved reading your post Virginia. The photos of Chatsworth are lovely, what amazing Christmas trees. The bath of baubles looks great fun. That's a really nice photo of you and your hubby. I was really impressed with the tic tac holders said 15 year old made for his school friends. I bet they were all very impressed too. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and lots of good things for 2016. Barbxx

  4. A lovely happy post Virginia. Chatsworth looks like a really god day out. That big tree is amazing, and I love the wreath. Toad and his pals just add to the fun. Well done on the lad making his cards. What a good job he did with them.
    I've never heard of millionaire's monopoly, but we had a lot of fun playing the original one when the boys were around.
    I won't promise to post next Friday, but I'll do my best. I hope you have a really special time over the Christmas weekend, and enjoy time with your hubby and son, as well as the rest of the family. Kate xx

  5. Great positives and fabulous photos Virginia.
    I love the wreath - isn't it wonderful.
    Toni xx

  6. Brilliant post Virginia. Chatsworth always looks so wonderful in your photos and I am lucky enough to own some bits made by Rebecca - she is sickeningly talented ;) I bet whoever got your card was saying similar things though!

    I am still doing Rocking Friday in my own little way. You really have changed my mind set over the years and I will always be forever grateful to you for that. I hope to join in properly when I've finished school.

    x x x

  7. I loved the Chatsworth pictures - I so want to go one day! Their Christmas tree (and you and hubby under it) looks fabulous! If I don't see next week's edition until later, have a very Happy Christmas xx