Friday, 11 December 2015

Rocking Your World Friday - 50th of 2015

Good Morning, well here we are at Friday once again and it's time for 

Well my phone has saved these in reverse, so first up last night at the Panto - we went to see Cinderella at the local theatre (which was brilliant if I'm honest), it also marked one whole year since my Mum was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer, here she is one year on - isn't she amazing!  So I'm on the left, Mum in the middle and little sis on the right, people say we look alike but I honestly can't see it! 

I snook a photo inside the theatre before it started and this year there were new seats - ooohhhhhhhhhhh so much more comfy than the old ones! 

Then a secret santa gift going down well, I made a mini book for said 15 year old to give to his team leader from Lesotho - apparently she liked it which made me very happy!

Then part of the Journal Your Christmas was to document Christmas treats, thankfully on the day a work colleague brought these into work, so I grabbed a photo and tried one!  They were a little strange but hey it's Christmas 

Next grateful - is a new and improved work diary - I really really really didn't like the 2015 one - the 2016 one is mildly improved!

Then a Christmas tradition - grabbing the Christmas Radio Times - we've all set too with highlighter pens, it's made for a fun evening! 

We received this Christmas card at work which I photographed and sent on to a poorly 15 year old at home to raise a smile, I thought it might remind him of his trip to Africa!

Then real Reindeers last weekend, such a magical creature to see and all the children being so happy to see them! 

We had a fab time at Kelham Island's Christmas market, I love the giants 

And this sculpture on a scissors stall - how amazing is he! 

And this fabulous sign in the main building 

We jaunted around to the Christmas tree festival as well, we didn't get a proper look unfortunately because they were about to start carols, but we did sneak a good look at a few - I loved this decoration 

And this one

And the outdoor nativity, the lighting is harsh - sorry, but you get the gist as it were. 

So it's been a fabulous week, enjoying time with family, enjoying the build up to Christmas and taking time to enjoy the season.

I hope yours has been as positive. 


  1. Oh you've had a really christmassy week! I've never been to a panto but everyone says it's great.
    Your mum looks fab. Give her a thumbs up from me (while I cross my fingers as I have had breast cancer too four years ago). And I can't see the resemblance with your sister, but then photos are not a good way to see that.
    That market looks lovely. What fun with all the decorations. I assume it is in Sheffield?
    I like the little book you made for the teacher. I'm sure she loved it.
    Is your 15 yr old going to Africa? Lesotho perhaps? Doing what? Our church youth group went to Africa a few years ago and the youngsters all came back changed kids and they grew up a little bit too from seeing how the other half lives...
    The Christmas Radio Times... I remember that from when we lived in the UK. It's extra thick with lots of features. I always bought one and sent it to my mum who lives in Holland but can get the BBC. We don't have a telly here. We watched less and less and when we moved to Spain we didn't bother to bring it. We have now lived without a tv for nearly 5 years and don't miss it one bit!
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a great week,

  2. Super photos Virginia - lovely memory book for the team leader.
    Hope Said 15yr old is feeling better.
    Toni xx

  3. great pics - I think you and your Mum look alike, can't see it as much in your sister.. glad your Mum is doing ok. I love the white Frosty Fancies, but then I have a very sweet tooth. They did some fab ones for Halloween sponge. Have a great week. Oh, and love the giraffe in the Christmas hat!

  4. Lots of lovely photos this week Virginia. My son and grandson are both in a production of Cinderella in January.
    That's a lovely photo of you with your mum. She is looking really well. I think you and your sister have very similar features, but because your colouring is so different it is hard to see a real likeness.
    The card with the giraffe on is fun. I hoped it cheered up your poorly son, and he is feeling better now.
    The Christmas market looks wonderful. I would rally enjoy that. I liked seeing all the Christmas trees last year. I remember that.
    I would like the Frosty fancies, as I have a sweet tooth, but as I am diabetic it is a good thing they haven't found their way out to Spain - not yet anyway!
    We don't get Radio Times either, but there are a few copies of What's on TV in the English shops. I don't watch much TV so I don't usually bother with the magazine, but I try to get a Christmas one. I must keep a look out for it.
    I hope you are not too overwhelmed with all the last minute preparations. Hugs. Kate x

  5. You 3 are like peas in a pod!

    Sending get well soon wishes for said 15 year old.

    We always get the Christmas Radio Times, but haven't got it yet - you've reminded me! We all have our own colour pen and circle the things we want to watch/record (haha, we still have some programmes recorded from many Christmas' ago!).

    Have a lovely weekend!