Friday, 27 November 2015


Well Friday greets us once more and it's that crazy day of the year where everyone heads out into those black friday sales, but this isn't about spending this is about positives and focusing on those because it's 

So this week has been another busy one and has literally flown by in the blink of an eye.  I've been treated to some of the prettiest sunsets and moon rises this week, I captured this rather poor photo the other day (the photo doesn't do it justice) of the moon as I arrived home - utterly beautiful! 

We headed out last weekend to a craft fayre (a very small craft fayre as it happened but good fun nonetheless).  On our walk up to the fayre I spotted this

I also grabbed this photo of others that were with me on the day, hubby, said 15 year old, Mum and sister

It rained whilst we were there and we'd decided to have a drink, my Mum found herself a perfect solution to the dilemma!

Sunday brought about the annual treat of creating the Christmas pudding as it was Stir it Up Sunday, here we all are having a stir and making that Christmas wish!

I also managed to make a start and complete the postable hugs, I bought the red heart cushions from a certain Swedish chain store for a £1 each as I wanted to alter them, I created a felt heart for the front, needle felting fibres and wool and other embellishments, machine stitching a smaller heart and adding the blanket stitching as a decorative stitch.  I've made 6 all together and am really pleased with the finished results.

The rest of the week has fair tripped by, we had a mini meltdown by said 15 year old about some course work, but with a bit of planning and emailing of teacher he managed to make some huge improvements and the impossible task is now much less daunting. 

Hubby and I attended a meeting at the Docs as well that went OK and hubby's workplace are being helpful on the stress front, I'm hoping this continues. 

I hope you've had a good week, if you fancy joining in then put a post together, pop back and link up leave a comment and I shall come and visit, it was lovely having a newbie join in last week - thank you Lisca, with our regulars Kate and Michelle joining in I managed to share 4 Rocking weeks - absolutely fantastic - you girls are awesome! 

I hope you all have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead. 


  1. Beautiful photos and wonderful positives Virginia.
    Your makes look interesting with all those lovely textures.
    Toni xx

  2. Thank you for making me so welcome!
    I enjoyed reading about your week. Love the moon rise photo and the holly of course. No photos of the craft fayre? It wasn't that interesting then.
    Smiled at your mum and also of you lot cowering in the rain! All good fun! (I can say that... we haven't had a drop of rain for weeks).
    I'm glad things went well at the doctors. Little by little and all will be well!
    Great photo of you all stirring! I did my cake last week and overcooked it. So today I'm doing another one. We are spending Christmas with my mother in Holland and I want to bring her 'the perfect Christmas cake' of course. The other one we will eat ourselves before Xmas. lol.
    What a great idea to make postable hugs. I'm sure they will be very much appreciated.
    Have a supadupa week,

  3. I like your postable hugs. Well done on getting all of those done. I haven't seen any holly, with or without berries. I don't think it grows around here. I have had a good few cuppas, and even picnics, sheltering under a 'brolly'. My children always say, "If mum says we are having a picnic, then we are having a picnic!" I'm glad you got your pud stirred. You have posted lots of nice layouts this week. Sorry I haven't had time to comment on them but I have enjoyed seeing them. Hugs kate x

  4. Hello Virginia, Lisca told me about you and so I'm linking with you too. I enjoyed looking at your photos. Well done all of you not letting the weather interfere with your enjoyment. I'm afraid I'm a fair weather girl ... I'm glad all went well with you and hubby at the doctors this week. You're the second person with that sort of good news I've seen today.

    Seeing the photos of the mixing took me back to when my son was young and I used to make everything myself. They were happy days. I'm afraid I just buy it all now but still enjoy a good festive feast. Your craft work looks fun. Loads of texture is always good and I'm sure they'll be very much appreciated. I hope you have another good week. Barbxx

  5. I enjoyed a lovely catch up! You are inspirationally productive!!!!

    Keep it up :)

    Karen xxxx

  6. I love the photo of the moon! there was an amazing full moon here the other night, but my phone couldn't capture it well at all.. I feel sorry for your Mum - is your house so cold she has to stir the pudding in her coat; lol!!