Friday, 6 November 2015


Good Morning - well it's the 45th Friday of 2015 (and for those of you now starting to panic because we know what is around the corner - you are not alone).

I'm going to keep this one short (she says), my biggest biggest most mahoosive grateful this week - is said 15 year old landing home safe and sound. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

He has seen some amazing things and been to some fantastic places, he's also helped a remote community in Lesotho and he has missed it since returning home, overall he had a brilliant time, made some fantastic friendships and has seen things and been to places that I will never get to see.

I am immensely proud of him and so utterly grateful to have him home safe and sound here he is on his travels holding a baby crocodile - expect to see layouts in the coming weeks of all the fantastic places he's been and awesome things that he has done!

Other gratefuls (although I don't think you can top the one above) is that me and hubby had a lovely evening at Chatsworth for their fireworks display, we came across an awesome band called Mr Wilson's Second Liners, who played New Orleans style music, wearing Beatles outfits, playing 1990's rave music - you have to google them to understand where I'm coming from on this one but they were brilliant.

The fireworks were brilliant too 

and the fire garden element

The rest of this week has unfortunately been back to the grindstone AKA work, but the week has tripped along and snuggling up on the sofa at the end of the day with my two men is just fabulous!

I hope you have had an awesome week too, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together pop back and link up!


  1. So glad said 15 year old came home safely, what a trip of a lifetime that was! The fireworks at Chatsworth look amazing.

  2. So pleased to hear Said 15 yr old is home safe - what a super photo from his trip.
    Lots of 'bangs' but not much sparkly stuff for Firework night around here last night - and it rained.
    Have a wonderful weekend Virginia.
    Toni xx

  3. So glad he is home safely. I understand how relieved you must be. I bet he has some wonderful tales to tell, as you snuggle around the fire this week.
    The fireworks look good. I really enjoy a good firework display but we don't have them here. Spanish fireworks just make maximum noise with minimum display!!
    I hope you have a good week this week too. Kate x

  4. So happy for you that said 15 year old is home safe and sound. We Mums never stop worrying do we?
    It looks like he had a wonderful time and learned heaps of new stuff. Very glad he enjoyed his time and can't wait to see more pics.
    The fireworks look fab, but that fire garden--loving it!
    Have a fantastic week!