Friday, 30 October 2015


Well despite best efforts to get this to post whilst I was away it wasn't having any of it. So I'm priming a post for the Friday after as it were. Let's see what has been 

for the last couple of weeks.  Well last week we escaped for a week in a cottage near Durham.  We had a very very busy week but it was lovely.  

First day when we were away we went to Gibside, a National Trust property well known for it's gardens. 

I loved this on the way in

There were some fabulous colours to enjoy

We even managed a selfie

Some beautiful flowers

And the ruined house itself.  

The view the following morning was breathtaking with the mist sitting in the base of the valley. 

We ventured to Woodhorn Museum which was one of my 'must sees' for the week, to see Cascade, part of the touring Poppies, we've already been lucky enough to see Wave at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but I also wanted to see Cascade.  We weren't disappointed the Poppies looked amazing and we were able to get quite close to the display.  The display is actually taller than the original cascading window on which it is based.  It's only there until early November when it transfers to Liverpool. 

 We got chatting to a security guard at Woodhorn, who mentioned the sea sculpture at Newbiggin by the Sea, which was only a couple of miles from Woodhorn, so we went for a look.  The sculpture is part of the sea defence.

And they are quite a way out - you can just about make out the white stilts below and whilst the couple look 'normal' in size, they were three or four times larger than normal humans.

They produced a 'normal' sized version called Land Couple which can be seen on the main parade in the little town.

Then we ventured to Northumberlandia (another must see), can you see the lady laid down, isn't she amazing.  We had a fabulous time walking along the paths, the site is next to the biggest open cast mine in the country, which produces enough coal to provide 35% of our electricity, which is a worrying prospect when you think about how few mines there are left in the country now and how reliant we obviously still are on fossil fuels.

Then to finish the day off, we dashed over to Belsay Castle and Gardens, it really is an amazing site and the main reason to visit is the fabulous quarry garden.

The castle is lovely too but I didn't venture up to the top of the tower (although hubby did).

We also photographed some crazy plants - apparently this is American poke weed or something like that, it looks like purple corn on the cob, but is very poisonous to humans, we also got to smell the Candyfloss tree - which smells - well amazing!

Autumn colours - October is my favourite colour!

A day trip to Beamish as well.

Hubby got to tick off the Temple of Mithras from his bucket list, although he was a tad disappointed with it.

We got to see Vindolanda - which is a fabulous site to look around with some amazing finds in display in their museum.

The selection of found Roman leather footwear for a starter

We ventured to see George Stephenson's birthplace, which although looks like a house is actually just a room as that is where his family lived.

We also popped to Prudhoe Castle (although we discovered we'd been there before).

We ventured to Cherryburn another National Trust place and got to see the Salmon jumping up the river at Hexham.

So we had a fabulous week overall.  

We have been missing said 15 year old, we came home and have been busy on the house but are planning on Friday being a work free day - all day long.  

Said 15 year old will be back on Sunday - I cannot wait - it will be almost 3 weeks since we've seen him.

I hope you've had a brilliant week took, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. what an action packed week you had! love the morning mist, and the poppy cascade - lovely to see it touring the country.

  2. Wow Virginia, you certainly crammed plenty in. Fabulous collection of photos.
    Toni xx

  3. That was a very busy week, but what an amazing number of sites you managed to visit. I love the quarry garden, and the couple looking out to sea. I should think you needed the week to recover after you got home. I bet you will pleased to see your lad when he gets back, and what wonderful stories he will have to tell. Enjoy yourselves together on his return. Kate x

  4. October/November are my favourite colours too :)

    Blimey what an action packed week - I love all the interesting sculptures you found and that woman on the hillside... wow!