Friday, 16 October 2015


Morning all, tis Friday so can only mean one thing

Apologies for this arriving a little late today, the week has been something of a blur.  So without further ado.  Well last weekend was relatively calm and quiet.  Said 15 year old was gearing up for his expedition to Lesotho so there were final purchases and checks to make, so we decided to take it easy for a change.  No dashing out anywhere, no venturing far and wide.

We did however have a lovely meal out on Saturday to say Bon Voyage to said 15 year old, we had a lovely couple of hours chatting and eating and talking about his trip.  Sunday we popped to visit my Mum who was trying to integrate two cats as her ex-next door neighbour needed to rehome a kitten that she was allergic to.  Said 15 year old was most intrigued by this ball of fun, who being a kitten was literally into everything.

You'll be pleased to know that the resident cat has tolerated the new kitten enough for him to become a new member of the family and he's been renamed from the mouse like name of Jerry to Murphy which is a lot more apt.

Then we were on countdown (literally) to the send off.  Tuesday arrived all too soon for me and we were soon swapping bags, loading them on the coach and waving them off.  Gulp.  Surreal doesn't come close.

I'd also like to thank the WW girls for their support this week and for my another friend who I used to work with, checking on me and making sure I'm OK - you've all been stars!

As parents we then spent an inordinate amount of time watching the flight through an app.  By the time we woke on Wednesday morning, they had landed in Dubai and reboarded and then by the end of the afternoon on Wednesday the flight had landed in Cape Town.  I hadn't realised just how stressed I was, so it was an utter delight to relax knowing that they had arrived safely, well their flight had.  We then got a text from school confirming the same - phew!

Last night we got a further text, saying they had a great day at the Cape of Good Hope paddling with the penguins, today they will start to make the trek up towards Lesotho.  There will be almost a further 26 hours of travelling done before they end up back at the airport in a few weeks, but thankfully the journey has been broken up into easily manageable chunks as it were!

And finally last night, we went to see Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch, streamed live by NTLive to the local cinema.  It was quite honest amazing, I would have loved to have seen it live just for the stage set alone if I'm honest.  The energy and the honesty in the play was impressive.  Mr Cumberbatch stood out and showed why we love him so dearly as an actor!  The actress who took on the part of Ophelia (who I've often thought from previous Hamlets we have seen, doesn't stand out in the play), was head and shoulders above all other versions of Hamlet that I've seen.  She literally made me cry.  If you get to see it live all I can say is - you lucky things.  If you got to see it streamed - wasn't it amazing and if you didn't get to see it then I can highly recommend an encore performance as it was breathtaking!

I apologise for the utter lack of photographs this week blame it on the travel nerves, I promise normal service shall resume soon.  As a result of the lack of photos I'll share a couple of crafting layouts - hope you don't mind

First up a layout documenting the different chairs in the 'Take a Seat' exhibition at Chatsworth this year.

Then another layout documenting the final planet cake picture we took on completion of the science homework.

And then me and hubby at the Charity ball earlier in the year.  You'll be pleased to know that the group managed to raise more than £50K in the last two years of fundraising for said 15 year old expedition!

And there we have it lovely people, my linky is here if you fancy joining in.


  1. I was just chatting on twitter about Hamlet and regretting not booking and going (hate the idea of the cinema on my own) they both loved it too. I am sure said 15 year old is having a wonderful time and he'll be home before you know it. xx

  2. What a wonderful adventure for Said 15yr old but I can understand your nerves about the whole thing and hope that you are now feeling less stressed (sending big virtual HUGS).
    Lovely LOs Virginia - the science project one shows off that fabulous cake wonderfully.
    Toni xx