Friday, 9 October 2015


Morning all Friday means only one thing what's

So first up an evening at the theatre to see Pocket Merchant performed by Propeller.  If you haven't had chance to see these as a theatre group then you are seriously missing out.  They are amazing at bringing the power of Shakespeare to life in a really engaging way.  Pocket Merchant, meant taking the essence of Merchant of Venice and bringing the key speeches together.  1 hour Pocket Merchant followed by a Question and Answer session with the actors, very powerful, very thought provoking.  Unfortunately, there is a rumour that the theatre company may be mothballed next year and so we did some super sleuthing on the internet when we returned home to find that their Arts Council funding has been cut which means that the full length versions of Shakespeare are now a remote possibility.  I'm hoping for some sort of miracle to be honest because they really are an amazing touring company!

Here is hubby and said 15 year old at the theatre

And we got to enjoy a beautiful water feature although I did add a few neon squiggles to this - the bit in the middle is the real water feature!

Saturday we had a chilled day before we wandered off out on Sunday for a walk around a local dam to blow the cobwebs off.

I saw this notice board on our travels around the dam

Got some photos of nature

And hubby and said 15 year old on our walk, we always have a good giggle and chat on these walks.

All too soon it was Monday, but work has been busy so the days have tripped along at a merry old pace, hairdressers on Tuesday to tame these locks and then packing said 15 year old's expedition rucksack this evening (Thursday).

I've had great fun scrapbooking over the last week as well, managing almost 30 layouts at the weekend (that's as a result of a day off and Rugby World Cup).  So win win overall!

The week has been a good one, this next week might be harder with said 15 year old toddling off for his expedition but I'll try and keep next Fridays upbeat and positive.

I hope you have had a great week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up, it's always lovely to share the positives of the week.


  1. Love your neon squiggles, Virginia!! Said 15 year old is growing up so fast all of a sudden; he's huge now!! Hope you have a great week - he'll have lots of stories to tell you when he gets back so look forward to that!

  2. The Elderberry and Indian balsam combi is just beautiful :D I will keepyou and said 15 year old in my thoughts while he is on his adventures XXX

  3. I love the sign and the water feature, and the theatre sounds great too. I do hope the expedition goes well for your lad. I am sure you will miss him, but what a tale he'll have to tell when he gets home. I love the photo of your husband and son together. They look so happy and relaxed. Have a good week. I am sure the days will fly by for you. Hugs. Kate x

  4. Beautiful photos Virginia. Said 15 yr old is sure to have a wonderful time and I'm sure he'll have lots of photos for you.
    Toni xx