Friday, 2 October 2015


Ok so the year really is getting silly now - 40 Fridays - really??? and it's October - what is happening to the world.

First up a blue skies day off, I ventured to a local heritage centre, had a wander and enjoyed a cup of coffee outside with these beautiful blue skies.

Then I met up with hubby and had a coffee with him inside the coffee shop (as the sun had dropped a little lower in the sky and it got significantly cooler as a result).  I spotted this beautiful rose on the table and had great fun playing with Instagram to create this picture later on, we had a lovely half an hour, chatting putting the world to rights and enjoying each others company!

Next on the happy list is said 15 year old.  We had a mammoth shop to do last Friday for his expedition to Lesotho which is looming and he didn't bat an eyelid, he knew I wanted to get pretty much it all out of the way on Friday night to leave the rest of the weekend to have fun so we set off as soon as he was home and changed from school uniform and didn't arrive home until nearly 9pm - but a good shop was had by all and we managed to get pretty much everything we were after, which I am extremely grateful for!

In amongst the dashing around the shops I happened across some hearts that had been created to celebrate how long the shopping centre has been open and so I was keen to find them all.  They will be returned to their original groups once the display has finished and then the groups can choose to keep them or auction them to raise funds.

These are the ones I managed to photograph, the first one is the main hospice in Sheffield

I loved the halo on this one!

Beautiful colours

I don't think there is anything finer than sculptures whilst you shop!

This meant that on Saturday we could enjoy our matinee trip to the theatre to see Romeo and Juliet, it was quite honestly fantastic.  I really really enjoyed this show, it wasn't done in traditional dress and had a 70's/80's feel to it and the stage set reminded me of West Side Story which thinking about is, is quite apt.  We also smiled at the mix of accents, but thankfully the script was kept to its original and it was a magical piece of theatre, it brought a tear to my eye at the end and was incredibly well done by what is (apparently) a relatively young cast.

And to make me even happier I managed to get a photo of said 15 year old and hubby sat waiting for it to start - most happy with the result and don't you just love the bench, they hadn't realised there was a display board behind the bench when I took it!

We then did a mad dash from the theatre back to the shopping centre and grabbed a Yo Sushi tea, which was a first for said 15 year old.

And then we dashed over to Cawthorne for a torchlit wander around the Maize Maze.  It was the last evening we could do this as they only run the evening ones in September on a Saturday night.  We had great fun looking for the clues and grabbed a cuppa (and burger for said 15 year old) when we finished.  Another great family evening.

Sunday was tea party time at my Mum's for my brother's birthday.  We had a lovely spread of jacket potatoes, chilli and bolognese.  Here is my Mum and sister


Here is hubby AKA Mischief 1 starting the fire off

And said 15 year old and my niece

And the fire in full blaze later on - forgive the blur they wouldn't sit still!

And this is the birthday cake my Mum made complete with jam and squirty cream topping, we were confused as to why the jam was on the top, but she said it was fine as she'd put it on the inside as well! 

Monday soon arrived and we've had some really foggy mornings, the only positive is that I got a lovely photo of a spiders web earlier in the week, thankfully the foggy mornings have turned into blue sky days!

We've had a hectic week and are dashing off in a moment (Thursday) for mass at school pending said 15 year old's expedition to Lesotho!  I hope you've had a great week and if you fancy joining in  then pop back and link up so we can come and visit and find out what you've been up to this week!  The benefits of taking stock and reflecting on the positives really does make for a better outlook on life, don't believe me? - Why not give it a whirl and you'll see!


  1. Wonderful photos. The bench by the billboard is fabulous.
    Sounds like a super week.
    Toni xx

  2. How wonderful. A successful shopping trip, a stage show, and a maze walk all in one weekend. I love all the hearts too. It looks as though you were glad enough of the fire later in the evening. I always loved the dewy spider webs. Such a work of art. The birthday cake looks yummy. What a happy post. See you next week. Kate x

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful week. There's nothing like a day off that is a beautiful day. Your son must be so excited for his trip. The heart sculptures must look fab in real life. The fire looks so nice and cozy. The weather here is turning quite cold so very soon we will have to have our indoor fires. The show looks like it was fun and a birthday party with cake is always a good addition to the mix!
    Have a great week!