Monday, 5 October 2015


Well I'm not liking the shorter days one little bit, but if we have a bit of blue skies they are almost tolerable, however, this morning I've woken to grey and wet weather outside - boo hiss and then to add insult to injury - it's Monday - another weekend, gone in the blink of an eye (literally).

So let's go for a bit of happy on the layout front, the first one titled love - was when I left my workplace earlier in the year, beautiful card and gifts including an amazing bunch of yellow roses which lasted such a long time!

And the next one - Fun Baking Times, making good use of the Comic Relief kit that was out there and the red noses we purchased along with the t-shirt and the apron, said 15 year old was more than happy to use up the baking kit in the making of many chocolate muffins!

Hope you have a happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful roses Virginia. Love both of the LOs - Said 15 yr old looks like he had lots of fun with the baking in the second photo.
    Toni xx