Thursday, 17 September 2015


Good morning, well the week fair trips along at a merry old pace and before I know it I'll be facing the task of my 'Rocking' post tomorrow, but today I'm continuing to share layouts in order to empty the blog folder.

First up me, said 15 year old, niece and sister at Harewood House earlier in the year, we were having a wander in the gardens and this was the long walk back up!

Then me and said 15 year old at Chatsworth for their Lumiere evening, we had a great night, it's a shame they aren't doing it again this year as it was a lot of fun and we got some great photos!

This was Christmas Day last year, hubby sorting out the turkey and said 15 year old dressed in his Minion all in one checking things out on the computer, as we always have a lot of family over in the afternoon the day is always a busy one but I enjoy each element in its own right.  This quiet time after presents, prepping food time with hubby and son is utter bliss!

My favourite sculpture at Chatsworth last year for their Beyond Limits exhibition the 'hive' was bronze cast and looked amazing against the different coloured grass!

One of my favourite sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and it always looks different depending on the time of year due to the tree cover.

And that's your lot for today, you'll be pleased to know the folder is emptying - unfortunately I don't appear to be refilling at quite the same pace!


  1. Super LOs Virginia.
    Shame about the Lumiere evening not being repeated this year.
    Toni xx

  2. Loving the hive sculpture, a great set of photos and LOs.

  3. Wow - how many pages Virginia...and exciting adventures. I love the sculptures, I want to go and visit next time I am in that direction as you have created so many beautiful pages from there and it looks amazing.