Friday, 18 September 2015


Morning all, tis Friday - means only one thing in this house

Well it was the week that included my 43rd birthday and said 14 year old officially became said 15 year old - where does the time go! 

So what better way to kick off our birthday weekend with a trip to Chatsworth to preview the Beyond Limits Sculptures, to be honest we had actually seen most of them when we went a few weeks earlier for the evening, but there were no 'write ups' relating to the same and some hadn't arrived at all or were still cordoned off, so you can imagine our delight to rediscover one we were undecided about and to find a few new ones.

This one I loved - probably the bright blue colour against all that greenery!  

And the sunset and rust combination was pretty spectacular as well!

It really was a beautiful evening

Some I didn't 'get' like this bronze sculpture - yes it was made of bronze!

We also enjoyed time to stop off and enjoy the gardens

Even the dead seed heads were brilliant as said 15 year old needed photos of growth and decay.

This was one of our favourite sculptures, bronze tree with bunches of apples hanging from it

We even managed a family selfie!

Saturday we woke to grey rain clouds and it really didn't look like it would break if I'm honest, but thankfully the afternoon provided a break in the rain clouds.  We jumped in the car and dashed a few junctions up the motorway so we could go and see the poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I don't think I've ever seen it so busy, however the display was worth it!

Expect to see these photos on a layout shortly!

Next up Sunday was my birthday and despite hesitating over a Minnie Mouse or a Frozen cake (not because I like either but I have scrapbook papers to match), I finally settled on Dave!

And for the afternoon I was surrounded by family, we had a grand afternoon, although I would appear to have my eyes closed on this one!

Monday found us with said 14 year old becoming said 15 year old (where did that year go).  Despite having to go to school, he was most impressed with his gifts and we ventured out for a meal and had a different cake when we got home, here he is preparing to make a wish!

The rest of the week has tripped along at a merry old pace as usual, work has been busy but not crazy and I love all the people I work with, which is such a blessing!

I hope you too have had a great week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. so that bronze you don't get is meant to be a crumpled sleeping bag, yes?? I do think you are so lucky being able to go frequently to see what's on offer at Chatsworth! (bit like me with Kew) can't believe you chose a birthday cake to match with some scrap book papers...!! The poppies look fantastic across that stream, how glorious they look.

  2. Lovely photos Virginia - the cake looks super.
    Those poppies look amazing. The poppies at the Tower of London were amazing and one of the teams on our floor clubbed together to buy a poppy which they have on display - it is beautiful.
    Toni xx

  3. Glad you had 2 lovely birthdays :D...Did you find the poppies as moving as I did? (Even took a moment to sit and pray). I would probably have gone for Dave too...extra mischief :D XXX

  4. More lovely sculptures. I am not sure about the blue, so at odds with the natural surroundings, but the rust at sunset is lovely. I'd have love to have seen the poppies too. A very Happy Birthday to you and said fifteen year old. I'm glad you both had some special time on your special days. (You make me feel old. I was forty when my youngest was born and he's 28 now!). But time stands still for none of us, and at least we are both trying best to keep smiling. Have a good week. Kate x