Thursday, 24 September 2015


Morning all, well time is ticking along at a merry old way so without further ado

First up boxing day last year if I recall correctly, said 15 year old was sure the snow would be gone by morning so creating snow angels at 10.30 at night was completely normal behaviour apparently!

It seems an age since this photo was taken in Bridgnorth, said 15 year old has changed so much since then!

Goodies I got on Valentines day, soundtrack, writing book, gorgeous card and Thornton's chocolates - I wouldn't mind it's hubby's birthday on Valentines day and I got all this lot!

Just to prove I do scrapbook those 'official' photos.  This is the actual photo taken on the night of the Charity ball for Lesotho and I had great fun scrapbooking it - moment in time!

And finally Christmas bucket list from last year, I coloured in the lines when we'd done them - we didn't do too bad!

Right work lovely people - have to dash

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