Thursday, 10 September 2015


It would appear that Toni is the only one to note my return to blog land so thought I would say a big hello to her personally - hope you've had a good week!

So what items can I find within that blog folder this morning?

So I've got a mix of layouts, some of these are from the Great Scheme of Things blog that I prepared earlier in the year.

I was really doubtful when making this page, I cut and cut and cut a bit more and ended up with some slivers of paper - destined for the scrap bin, I decided to add a few more to the equation and before I knew it this layout was sorted and I was really pleased with the finished result.

Family Selfie taken in a mirror when visiting one of the local houses - Chatsworth house.

Next up one of my favourite shots of said 14 year old - writing his name on a stone on Flamborough beach - now look at the size of the stone - hence the giggle factor!

Next up a layout that was kicking around for ages before I finally added paper, elements, stitching and journalling, photo taken when we went to the panto last year, it had been a 'scary' drive to the panto and we were glad to get there and back safely!

Another one of my favourites, I think this is because I love these papers and the colour mix, peach and grey!  The water shot was taken on Flamborough beach.

So there we have it a few more from the blog folder (and still no crafting - I think I work too many hours at the moment).  Hey ho - here is hoping I manage some later!

Hope you have a fabulous day Toni and anyone else who happens across here!


  1. My trouble is too many projects and not enough house lol. Glad your back :D XXX

  2. **chuckle** I couldn't believe it when I saw my name on here.
    Some very different LOs Virginia...isn't it fabulous when something you are not sure about turns out to be super. Love the colours of the panto LO.
    Bit of a mixed day for me today. Very busy work-wise as I have Friday & Monday off and needed to get a load of stuff sorted before I started my long weekend but the weather has been glorious and I also got to go and have afternoon tea with a friend. She is taking early retirement on health grounds and she wanted to thank me for the support I have given during some difficult times. It was a lovely hour or so just enjoying tea, sandwiches, scones & cakes having a pleasant chat and sitting by the window in the sunshine - it will seem strange no longer having her in the workplace.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Toni xx