Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Morning all, this mornings layout is one entitled Love, this is me and hubby celebrating our wedding anniversary back in April.  We usually try and make the effort, even if the xbox is playing in the next room!  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have found my soulmate and have been married for 17 years!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Good morning, well it's mighty foggy here in Yorkshire, so I've opted for a bright and vibrant layout today.  

These are the new layouts that I've created this month as all the old layouts have been used up.

I was doing 'ok' with this layout when I was creating it but the border was quite poorly cut around the outside, I was using up scraps from my scraps bag but really didn't want to throw the border away, so I added it nonetheless and then added a washi tape addition to make it pop and to cover up the poor cutting - win win - the border gets used and I create a layout I like! 

Photo taken at Bodnant Gardens earlier in the summer when we were admiring the amazing smell of the lilac!

Monday, 28 September 2015


Good morning, foggy Monday morning here in Yorkshire - actually it's getting foggier (she says glancing out the kitchen window).  Anyway I digress I'm still clearing the blog folder.

And these are the last five sat in there but you'll be pleased to know, hubby photographed me another 50 or so yesterday and I've got a mahoosive photo order in at the moment.

So first up hubby and I sat on the Queen of Heart thrones on the Alice in Wonderland trail around Llandudno, honestly I think I need a whole album just for this one 'walk'!

Then grabbing a pint at the pub, must remember sunshine selfies = shadows!

Frost at Center Parcs back in January, these papers are Simple Stories, from Jen at Wear Crafts!

And this documents a wintery walk early in the year, it was a beautiful blue skies day for the walk, although a little slippery under foot!

And another 'shot' taken when he was enjoying the snow last year (Boxing Day night if I remember correctly), said 15 year old was sure it would disappear overnight, so felt the need to head outside, despite it being about 10.30 at night!

And that's it the folder is empty, but will be refilled later with more up to date photos - yay!!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hello lovely people, still working my way through folder, so without further ado a photo from Brodsworth Hall

The Mickey Mouse sky when we were away in Wales

A wander around Nostell Priory

And macro shots of those gorgeous snowdrops

And yes the end is in sight on this folder, but I'm happily stacking up new layouts which will be appearing shortly in the folder - ready to share and I'll let you in on a secret - I've just sent off a photo order of almost 700 photos - you have been warned.

Friday, 25 September 2015


Morning all, tis Friday so means only one thing in this household

Meeting up with a friend and old work colleague last Friday was lovely, we haven't seen each other in an absolute age so it was great to have a proper chat and put the world to rights!

Saturday saw us doing lots of jobs that needed doing, so it was one of those tootling days, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Sunday saw said 15 year old take part in the local colour run for the local hospice.

Here he is before the race started - yes I did say before!

And this is after the event, when we managed to find one of my cousins and his daughter (who had been desperate to join in), it was so lovely to see them.  They decided this year to add in some bubbles near the end, I'm not convinced making the paint stick was such a great idea!

Thankfully this year said 15 year old didn't ruin the bath mat and managed to scrub himself clean enough to not cause undue issues with his white school shirts over subsequent days!

The rest of the week has been it's usual self, racing along at a merry old pace.  We did have a really great day on Wednesday at work, I work for a homelessness charity and attended a launch event for a project.  We've piloted the work for a while and this was the launch of new funding.  The afternoon was filled not only with guest speakers who are highly regarded in their field but also speeches by young people that the project has already helped, me and my fellow colleagues got quite emotional and teary with some of the stories and it really left us feeling positive and upbeat about the work we are doing.  It was also great for me as I often see names and numbers but never the actual people we are helping as I'm based in the finance department.

I'm also grateful for the listening ear of my fellow slimming world members who gave me a few pointers on Tuesday as I've definitely lost my way.

I'm also very very grateful for said 15 year old and hubby helping to clean on Thursday evening, the house always feels so much happier when it's all clean and spic and span.

So there you have it my lovely people, my week of happy and grateful moments. I hope yours has been just as positive, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Morning all, well time is ticking along at a merry old way so without further ado

First up boxing day last year if I recall correctly, said 15 year old was sure the snow would be gone by morning so creating snow angels at 10.30 at night was completely normal behaviour apparently!

It seems an age since this photo was taken in Bridgnorth, said 15 year old has changed so much since then!

Goodies I got on Valentines day, soundtrack, writing book, gorgeous card and Thornton's chocolates - I wouldn't mind it's hubby's birthday on Valentines day and I got all this lot!

Just to prove I do scrapbook those 'official' photos.  This is the actual photo taken on the night of the Charity ball for Lesotho and I had great fun scrapbooking it - moment in time!

And finally Christmas bucket list from last year, I coloured in the lines when we'd done them - we didn't do too bad!

Right work lovely people - have to dash

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Morning all well Wednesday greets us fine and dry if not a little on the cool side here in Yorkshire and I am still emptying that blog folder.

So here I am sharing the next 'batch' of pages, I'm slowly getting through them, first up photo taken by said 15 year old when we were at Hodsock Priory earlier in the year, I loved the photo and even used it as my profile picture on Facebook for a while.

This was a 'mopping' up layout using papers from a Simple Stories pack that I got from Jen at Wear Crafts, I used some background stencil work and then just added the simple elements on the page. The photo was taken outside the local garden centre when we had had no snow whatsoever, but I felt the photo emulated winter!

Me and hubby at Chatsworth sitting on a 2-D chair it was very strange and not particularly comfortable but made for a fun photo!  Again Simple Stories papers which I love.

A shot of our nearest Castle - Conisbrough, blue skies day, it's always fun to visit and they have a new visitors centre this year.

Finally a snowdrop picture from Hodsock, we got some really lovely photos close up of these little flowers and there were so many different varieties it's proved difficult to pick which one I liked the most to scrapbook!

So the question is - is it empty and the answer - not quite!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Good morning, I hope I find you well, I find myself on Tuesday already which is always a positive if I'm honest as sometimes Mondays can feel like a long day.

Work day ahead and plenty to do, which is always a good mix for a day as it means I can get loads done and get a sense of achievement, which I always enjoy!

So I'm still emptying the blog folder

First up said 15 year old and his love of photobombing a perfectly good shot and having us all in hysterics!

Next up the two of them watching a trailer for the Shaun the Sheep film earlier in the year, both of them have a great sense of humour and love slapstick so this caused much amusement!

Last New Year's Eve at my sisters, I sometimes don't manage photos on these occasions so it was good to capture the moment and get it scrapbooked!

Learning all about Morse Code at Ironbridge Victorian Museum, he was most intrigued and bemused to discover how long it would take him to send his own first name!!

And the iron foundry shop at Ironbridge with a miniature replica of the iron bridge itself, I did this layout on his 14th Birthday last year, to remind me of how he spent his day and as I didn't actually get any photos just used a favourite from the pile sat on my craftdesk - must remember to take more photos.  You'll be pleased to know I managed to get a photo on his 15th birthday!

So there we have it another set of old layouts shared!

Monday, 21 September 2015


Morning all, well Monday greets me overcast and grey, we've got said 15 year old hobbling this morning, think he might have sprained his ankle at the colour run yesterday, so I've used a crepe bandage on it to keep him going, fingers crossed it will be OK today at school.  I've warned him no rugby!

So this mornings mix is fairly eclectic, first up some gelli print papers created earlier in the summer for my summer of colour challenge, chopped into squares and then added to accordingly.  The photo is me and said 15 year old at Bodnant Gardens earlier in the summer!

Next up photo I took of hubby photographing the moon, think it was supposed to be a blue moon at the time, although on the photo it looks tiny!

Then last years Beyond Limits Sculptures, the things I ask said 15 year old to do to make for an interesting photo, although a year on he isn't always quite so obliging!

Country Fayre last year, just documenting the day!  Niece, sister, said 15 year old and hubby!

So that's your lot for today, you might be wondering if the end of the blog folder contents are in sight, the answer to this is yes, but you'll be pleased to know I managed another 25 layouts over the weekend.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Well I'm still working through my blog folder, on a positive I've started scrapping again, which means the blog folder is re-filling which is a positive and I'm using up scraps which I've found quite fun, my issue is that I insist on trying to use every single morsel!

So first up a layout I did an absolute age ago, although I enjoyed playing with the purple papers.

Then this one from Hartlepool's Historical dock

Which is where I also took this one Mischief 1 and Mischief 2!

And then said 15 year old and niece messing about on the beach!

Working my way through my photo folder in order that I can get another order together - more scrapbooking yay! 

Friday, 18 September 2015


Morning all, tis Friday - means only one thing in this house

Well it was the week that included my 43rd birthday and said 14 year old officially became said 15 year old - where does the time go! 

So what better way to kick off our birthday weekend with a trip to Chatsworth to preview the Beyond Limits Sculptures, to be honest we had actually seen most of them when we went a few weeks earlier for the evening, but there were no 'write ups' relating to the same and some hadn't arrived at all or were still cordoned off, so you can imagine our delight to rediscover one we were undecided about and to find a few new ones.

This one I loved - probably the bright blue colour against all that greenery!  

And the sunset and rust combination was pretty spectacular as well!

It really was a beautiful evening

Some I didn't 'get' like this bronze sculpture - yes it was made of bronze!

We also enjoyed time to stop off and enjoy the gardens

Even the dead seed heads were brilliant as said 15 year old needed photos of growth and decay.

This was one of our favourite sculptures, bronze tree with bunches of apples hanging from it

We even managed a family selfie!

Saturday we woke to grey rain clouds and it really didn't look like it would break if I'm honest, but thankfully the afternoon provided a break in the rain clouds.  We jumped in the car and dashed a few junctions up the motorway so we could go and see the poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I don't think I've ever seen it so busy, however the display was worth it!

Expect to see these photos on a layout shortly!

Next up Sunday was my birthday and despite hesitating over a Minnie Mouse or a Frozen cake (not because I like either but I have scrapbook papers to match), I finally settled on Dave!

And for the afternoon I was surrounded by family, we had a grand afternoon, although I would appear to have my eyes closed on this one!

Monday found us with said 14 year old becoming said 15 year old (where did that year go).  Despite having to go to school, he was most impressed with his gifts and we ventured out for a meal and had a different cake when we got home, here he is preparing to make a wish!

The rest of the week has tripped along at a merry old pace as usual, work has been busy but not crazy and I love all the people I work with, which is such a blessing!

I hope you too have had a great week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit.