Friday, 21 August 2015


And I find myself at Friday again, I'm still bewildered how that happens sometimes!

Well it's been a bit of a mixed week if I'm honest, so I'm going to incorporate a couple of things I didn't cover last week.

First up was our trip to Chatsworth to see the Lord Chamberlain's Men perform Shakespeare's 12th Night, we had a fabulous blue skies evening.

Got a decent place to sit

Gorgeous evening

Here they are in action, if you haven't had chance to see them I can highly recommend, all male cast as in Shakespeare's time!

We also had a lovely picnic before it commenced, here we are at the interval, adjusting clothing and drinks as the sun had dropped behind the house and it was a little on the chilly side

When we got home, we were treated to the most amazing star gazing night courtesy of the perseid meteor shower.  We didn't have long to wait before we got to see a shooting star and then we saw plenty (well I saw 7), we also saw 2 fire balls and the international space station so a great evening all in all, before we had to submit and head to bed.

Friday me and said 14 year old had great fun creating with the sewing machine and needle felter, we had Top Gear on in the background and just played with fabric all afternoon - twas fabulous!

Saturday hubby treating me to a trip to the tip - yes I know the excitement of it, but if you'd seen the state of the pool room you'd understand why I was so pleased to get rid of all that stuff!

Sunday we treated ourselves to a trip to the cinema to see the latest Mission Impossible, it isn't my favourite one, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!

Monday wasn't such a great day, I had to take hubby to the hospital as he was suffering chestpains, so the question is why share it here.  Well first up work for being understanding, next for the NHS, they didn't mess about got an ECG taken (more than once because hubby decided to pass out after a student doctor decided to practice on him with a blood taking needle - which she bent whilst it was in his arm - I kid you not), but all in all it was a relatively straightforward day if not somewhat stressful.  Having lost my own Dad to a heart attack it isn't a path I want to see hubby take any time!

Tuesday I headed into work but simply couldn't function, I think the stress of Monday meant I'd picked up some lurgy and I really wasn't fit for work, so two days of rest and recuperation and I'm still not firing on all cylinders but slightly better than I was!

Thursday has greeted us with great news from my niece who got the grades she needs to move on to A levels at college including an A* in her English literature - go her!

Oh talking of said 14 year old, sometimes I get these mad moments where I can't sit down and create because the house is in such a state, hubby and said 14 year old are used to these times and just accept that I have to get the house cleaned before I can carry on as it were.  This happened this week when I was home alone with said 14 year old and without prompting or requesting he just came through and helped, between us we managed to turn an all day job into a couple of hours and the whole house felt a hundred times better for it - so another positive - 14 year olds that help just because!

And there we have it back to Friday again!

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I'll leave you with a layout I photographed the other day.  The other huge job I sorted (or started) this week was sorting through the rather large pile of layouts I've got to put away.  I've now got them into albums up until Christmas last year but have now run out of albums so I need to pick a few more up before I can restart the job.

This layout uses some summer of colour pages I did on my gelli plate, torn and mounted onto an orange base card.  Some punched hearts, thickers title and a little ribbon and hand journalling!  The layout documents our break to Wales earlier in the year and the gorgeous conservatory on the side of the building.

If you fancy joining in that pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. Hope your hubby is ok, such a worry for you! Take care of yourself, too. you've certainly got a good one in the said 14 year old!

  2. I like the sound of the open air theatre. I love anything like that. Your lad is so good. You must be really proud of him.
    I´m sorry to hear about your husband. I hope they have sorted out his problem and he is making a good recovery. I also hope you are feeling more able to cope again now.
    We have very different styles of scrapbooking don´t we, but I enjoy seeing your layouts.
    Hope this week is a good one. Hugs, Kate x