Friday, 14 August 2015


Morning lovely people, tis Friday which means only one thing - it's time to reflect, take stock and look at the happy moments from the last 7 days, this week you get a double helping as it's more a reflection of the last two weeks.

First up these two - utterly amazing people, having great fun playing pool whilst we were away - hysterically funny because we have a full sized pool table at home that no one ever uses, which I've threatened to get rid of for quite some time!!

We had a fabulous afternoon at Barter Books a second hand bookstore in Alnwick with 350,000 titles to choose from.  I loved this central piece of sculpture in the book store, inspired by the fact that the building was once a train station.

Two very happy people when we were there my little sis and my niece and 350,000 books to choose from!

We set ourselves up on a table to check out the books we had found, we also found the coffee pot with its honesty box for 30p so we were all a little whizzy from the coffee if I'm honest!  My Mum was very pleased with herself finding a book on Audrey - my niece was a little less pleased as she secretly wanted it, although you can't tell from this photo

Although this one makes it look a little more apparent

We had quizz nights

And a day out at Alnwick Gardens, which I absolutely adore!

My niece looking uber pretty as always

We found the magical door (doing the quest backwards as usual).

We saw some great light phenomenon in the sky and look a pigeon!

The highlight of the holiday was that we could literally walk to the beach which was only about a mile away and if you've never been to Northumberland it is first and foremost one of the prettiest unspoilt coastlines that I know!

We ended up walking from Seahouses to try and get a closer shot of Bamburgh Castle one evening, we came across this Castle and we walked for above 4 hours in total managing over 28000 steps on our phone counters

And this was as close as we got!

We managed a visit to Bamburgh Castle by car, it's a strange little place if I'm honest but it had a nice tea room!

One of my favourite places to visit is Alnwick Castle as it was the castle used in the first two Harry Potter films it got us very giddy!  We did the movie tour where they point out all the areas of the castle used in the filming.  We also discovered that it was used for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and the Hollow Crown Series amongst other things and apparently the first series of Blackadder

This lamp appears on the Harry Potter film and it's weird when you see it because you sort of recognise it but don't understand why, so we did lots of film spotting when we were there and then spent the next couple of evenings with the first two films on trying to spot the places we'd seen.  We also discovered that a lot of the interior and some of the exterior has been used for Downton Abbey so it will become probably just as famous for that as it is for Harry Potter, they still do the broom stick flying lessons where Madam Hooch did hers in the film (I kid you not) and you now have to get there early to partake!

Our only 'wet' day was our trip over to Holy Island, but we still got to walk around the priory and enjoyed a drink outside!

This is the causeway from Holy Island back onto main land!

And some more shots of Alnwick Castle, I love the water garden, being the height of summer there were lots of children there enjoying the serpent's water garden too.

Evening walks

Finding a comfortable bench to enjoy the view

Spending time with loved ones

Enjoying amazing sunsets

Time with my hubby

Finding sculptures

 Fun taking photos

Exploring the tree house

Making Viking Furniture at Bamburgh

More sunsets

Beautiful little harbour

And finally getting 'that' shot of Bamburgh Castle

It was quite honestly an amazing week, which we all enjoyed, the house we stayed in was clean and comfortable and allowed for extra space to spread out in the loft area.  Overall a fabulous week was had.

This week has been just as quick if I'm honest.  I'm grateful for the dry weather when we got home as by the end of Sunday all the washing was done and dried and ready to be put away.

I enjoyed a relaxing PJ day on Sunday scrapbooking and watching TV, including watching The Woman In Black, a fabulous film that scared me immensely, said 14 year old was not enamoured either and it is only a 12 certificate, he is like me in that we don't like 'jumpy' films - you know the ones, he didn't like the ending either but it falls in line with a typical Victorian Gothic style film.

We've enjoyed exploring Amazon Prime recently, I 'bought' it for the free speedy delivery but now we are enjoying the TV side of it and the music, we've found 'The Following' and 'The IT Crowd' a good watch, saves us watching repeats anyway!

Travelling to work on Wednesday, I could smell freshly cut grass and it was lovely, we also had a night out but I'm going to save that one for next week's grateful moments which are not likely to be as extensive!

Eating some great home cooked food too!

And that my lovelies is the epic two weeks that was!

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up, it doesn't have to be war and peace like mine (but it can be if you like), it's lovely to see other peoples positives so come on join in, it's good for your sense of wellbeing and keeps a positive perspective on life!


  1. I always enjoy reading about your trips - be they days or weeks - and the photos are gorgeous - not an area of the country I have explored, so thank you! I love the lone pigeon invading that fantastic cloudy sky!

  2. Beautiful photos Virginia and it looks like you had a fabulous holiday.
    Toni xx

  3. Lots of lovely photos to look at this week Virginia. I am glad you had such a lovely week away. It does look a very beautiful area. I think I´d be a bit overwhelmed in a shop with that many books to choose from. I wouldn´t know where to start. But I´m glad you found some you liked. Kate x

  4. Oh it just looks amazing. That book shop!!! One to add to my list - Craig said he wants to try somewhere different, this looks good. Love the photos as always Virginia - going to point Devvie, our Potter fan in the direction of this post ;)