Friday, 28 August 2015


Hello lovely people we are at Friday again and it's the last Friday of August - how did that happen, this time next week the schools will be back, time really is flying by.  Time to take stock and look back over the last 7 days to find the silver linings and positives

Friday saw an impromptu meeting with my brother, sister, brother's girlfriend, niece and my Mum and to really make it absolutely perfect hubby managed to join us for the meal out, a few hours of pretty awesome company - nothing finer!

Sunday saw a trip out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a family gathering of a different kind, it was acknowledged recently that it's often the sad occasions that people get chance to get together and see one another, so finally someone took the initiative to plan a happy occasion to meet up.  So quite a few of us met up for a picnic and a wander, unfortunately the wasps were in their prime so picnics were hindered somewhat, but great company meeting extended family and a wander around some of the sculptures was all good!

Here are some of the gang that met up!

And this is said 14 year old on one of the huge sculptures.

A trip to the hairdressers on Tuesday was also much needed and before we knew it Thursday arrived, I'd booked the day off from work so me and said 14 year old could head into town to a class at the Button Tin.  As said 14 year old is doing textile art, part of the criteria is meeting artists, what finer way than taking a class with a well known textile artist in the town centre!

We arrived at 11am had three options of what we could make, gathered fabric, were provided with a cup of tea and set too.

Here is said 14 year old in the midst of our creativity

And these are our finished items, we learnt how to make a vintage fabric flower brooch, mine is on the left and said 14 year old's is on the right.

The Button Tin really is an amazing place to be, stepping into it you step literally into a fabric art installations created by Gemma herself.

There is so much to see inside and it is such a positive and happy space!

And here is said 14 year old with the very lovely Gemma at the Button Tin

Around the other side is the fabric covered piano which was played by a very talented pianist as we created.

I love this statement on the side

This is the beautiful Button Tin, it is inside the old imperial market in town and is surrounded by lots of little shop units, unfortunately most of these are currently empty which is a crying shame, it really should be filled with all things vintage perhaps even a little vintage tea shop to make it perfect and to keep Gemma's beautiful Button Tin a thriving hub of creativity for everyone to enjoy!

Spending time with my 14 year old really is pretty awesome, we had a lovely couple of hours together and then have come home and promptly continued creating more of what we've been taught today.

If you want to know more about the Button Tin, there is a facebook page here I believe it's also on Twitter, Instagram and pinterest as well if you fancy searching it out. 

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up and I can come and visit and see your positives for the week. 

Friday, 21 August 2015


And I find myself at Friday again, I'm still bewildered how that happens sometimes!

Well it's been a bit of a mixed week if I'm honest, so I'm going to incorporate a couple of things I didn't cover last week.

First up was our trip to Chatsworth to see the Lord Chamberlain's Men perform Shakespeare's 12th Night, we had a fabulous blue skies evening.

Got a decent place to sit

Gorgeous evening

Here they are in action, if you haven't had chance to see them I can highly recommend, all male cast as in Shakespeare's time!

We also had a lovely picnic before it commenced, here we are at the interval, adjusting clothing and drinks as the sun had dropped behind the house and it was a little on the chilly side

When we got home, we were treated to the most amazing star gazing night courtesy of the perseid meteor shower.  We didn't have long to wait before we got to see a shooting star and then we saw plenty (well I saw 7), we also saw 2 fire balls and the international space station so a great evening all in all, before we had to submit and head to bed.

Friday me and said 14 year old had great fun creating with the sewing machine and needle felter, we had Top Gear on in the background and just played with fabric all afternoon - twas fabulous!

Saturday hubby treating me to a trip to the tip - yes I know the excitement of it, but if you'd seen the state of the pool room you'd understand why I was so pleased to get rid of all that stuff!

Sunday we treated ourselves to a trip to the cinema to see the latest Mission Impossible, it isn't my favourite one, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!

Monday wasn't such a great day, I had to take hubby to the hospital as he was suffering chestpains, so the question is why share it here.  Well first up work for being understanding, next for the NHS, they didn't mess about got an ECG taken (more than once because hubby decided to pass out after a student doctor decided to practice on him with a blood taking needle - which she bent whilst it was in his arm - I kid you not), but all in all it was a relatively straightforward day if not somewhat stressful.  Having lost my own Dad to a heart attack it isn't a path I want to see hubby take any time!

Tuesday I headed into work but simply couldn't function, I think the stress of Monday meant I'd picked up some lurgy and I really wasn't fit for work, so two days of rest and recuperation and I'm still not firing on all cylinders but slightly better than I was!

Thursday has greeted us with great news from my niece who got the grades she needs to move on to A levels at college including an A* in her English literature - go her!

Oh talking of said 14 year old, sometimes I get these mad moments where I can't sit down and create because the house is in such a state, hubby and said 14 year old are used to these times and just accept that I have to get the house cleaned before I can carry on as it were.  This happened this week when I was home alone with said 14 year old and without prompting or requesting he just came through and helped, between us we managed to turn an all day job into a couple of hours and the whole house felt a hundred times better for it - so another positive - 14 year olds that help just because!

And there we have it back to Friday again!

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I'll leave you with a layout I photographed the other day.  The other huge job I sorted (or started) this week was sorting through the rather large pile of layouts I've got to put away.  I've now got them into albums up until Christmas last year but have now run out of albums so I need to pick a few more up before I can restart the job.

This layout uses some summer of colour pages I did on my gelli plate, torn and mounted onto an orange base card.  Some punched hearts, thickers title and a little ribbon and hand journalling!  The layout documents our break to Wales earlier in the year and the gorgeous conservatory on the side of the building.

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Friday, 14 August 2015


Evening all, a couple more legacy layouts created using gorgeous papers from the Wear Crafts website.

The first one is a favourite, I loved the tree on the ledger paper, and really didn't want to cover it up, so I puzzled a while over how to add to it and realised simple button embellishments would be just the thing.  I added the journalling on the ledger element of the paper, included three photos of badminton at Center Parcs and an offcut from a border punch.  The title "Quick" reminded me that we were trying to get in as much play as possible, including swapping sides and mixing up the people!

This layout, shows some of the amazing 'project life' style elements.  I used them within a frame of overlapping card strips to create a border.  Adding to each element, I added the journal block to the tree cut out, I mounted the clock onto foam pads and and the hearts as well.  The photo was an instagram shot taken of a favourite look out point we venture across occasionally and was taken in a moving car!

If you fancy some fun stash then head over to see Jen at Wear Crafts and have a ponder what she's got available.  There are some fabulous papers to play with - happy scrapping!


Morning lovely people, tis Friday which means only one thing - it's time to reflect, take stock and look at the happy moments from the last 7 days, this week you get a double helping as it's more a reflection of the last two weeks.

First up these two - utterly amazing people, having great fun playing pool whilst we were away - hysterically funny because we have a full sized pool table at home that no one ever uses, which I've threatened to get rid of for quite some time!!

We had a fabulous afternoon at Barter Books a second hand bookstore in Alnwick with 350,000 titles to choose from.  I loved this central piece of sculpture in the book store, inspired by the fact that the building was once a train station.

Two very happy people when we were there my little sis and my niece and 350,000 books to choose from!

We set ourselves up on a table to check out the books we had found, we also found the coffee pot with its honesty box for 30p so we were all a little whizzy from the coffee if I'm honest!  My Mum was very pleased with herself finding a book on Audrey - my niece was a little less pleased as she secretly wanted it, although you can't tell from this photo

Although this one makes it look a little more apparent

We had quizz nights

And a day out at Alnwick Gardens, which I absolutely adore!

My niece looking uber pretty as always

We found the magical door (doing the quest backwards as usual).

We saw some great light phenomenon in the sky and look a pigeon!

The highlight of the holiday was that we could literally walk to the beach which was only about a mile away and if you've never been to Northumberland it is first and foremost one of the prettiest unspoilt coastlines that I know!

We ended up walking from Seahouses to try and get a closer shot of Bamburgh Castle one evening, we came across this Castle and we walked for above 4 hours in total managing over 28000 steps on our phone counters

And this was as close as we got!

We managed a visit to Bamburgh Castle by car, it's a strange little place if I'm honest but it had a nice tea room!

One of my favourite places to visit is Alnwick Castle as it was the castle used in the first two Harry Potter films it got us very giddy!  We did the movie tour where they point out all the areas of the castle used in the filming.  We also discovered that it was used for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and the Hollow Crown Series amongst other things and apparently the first series of Blackadder

This lamp appears on the Harry Potter film and it's weird when you see it because you sort of recognise it but don't understand why, so we did lots of film spotting when we were there and then spent the next couple of evenings with the first two films on trying to spot the places we'd seen.  We also discovered that a lot of the interior and some of the exterior has been used for Downton Abbey so it will become probably just as famous for that as it is for Harry Potter, they still do the broom stick flying lessons where Madam Hooch did hers in the film (I kid you not) and you now have to get there early to partake!

Our only 'wet' day was our trip over to Holy Island, but we still got to walk around the priory and enjoyed a drink outside!

This is the causeway from Holy Island back onto main land!

And some more shots of Alnwick Castle, I love the water garden, being the height of summer there were lots of children there enjoying the serpent's water garden too.

Evening walks

Finding a comfortable bench to enjoy the view

Spending time with loved ones

Enjoying amazing sunsets

Time with my hubby

Finding sculptures

 Fun taking photos

Exploring the tree house

Making Viking Furniture at Bamburgh

More sunsets

Beautiful little harbour

And finally getting 'that' shot of Bamburgh Castle

It was quite honestly an amazing week, which we all enjoyed, the house we stayed in was clean and comfortable and allowed for extra space to spread out in the loft area.  Overall a fabulous week was had.

This week has been just as quick if I'm honest.  I'm grateful for the dry weather when we got home as by the end of Sunday all the washing was done and dried and ready to be put away.

I enjoyed a relaxing PJ day on Sunday scrapbooking and watching TV, including watching The Woman In Black, a fabulous film that scared me immensely, said 14 year old was not enamoured either and it is only a 12 certificate, he is like me in that we don't like 'jumpy' films - you know the ones, he didn't like the ending either but it falls in line with a typical Victorian Gothic style film.

We've enjoyed exploring Amazon Prime recently, I 'bought' it for the free speedy delivery but now we are enjoying the TV side of it and the music, we've found 'The Following' and 'The IT Crowd' a good watch, saves us watching repeats anyway!

Travelling to work on Wednesday, I could smell freshly cut grass and it was lovely, we also had a night out but I'm going to save that one for next week's grateful moments which are not likely to be as extensive!

Eating some great home cooked food too!

And that my lovelies is the epic two weeks that was!

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up, it doesn't have to be war and peace like mine (but it can be if you like), it's lovely to see other peoples positives so come on join in, it's good for your sense of wellbeing and keeps a positive perspective on life!