Friday, 17 July 2015


Morning all tis Friday means only one thing in my book

Now the plan was for photos galore but I'll be honest it hasn't happened quite how we planned (yes that does mean no photos - whoops - anybody would think I don't scrapbook sometimes). 

Last Friday saw us at school (late on due to work commitments) for a teacher versus parent football match raising much needed money for the expedition to take place this October for Lesotho, when we arrived the barbecue was well and truly under way but unfortunately they had sold out of drinks, but some arrived a short while later but with 700 kids needing some refreshments, we dived down to the local supermarket to purchase some more, on the way back in there were throngs of kids leaving as the end of the school day had arrived, thankfully there were still plenty milling around that wanted drinks to make it a worthwhile journey.  As part of the afternoon the balloon race linked with the balloon race were also set off to see how far they go, so a two for one afternoon overall.  Thankfully one of the Mum's took some photos as we were literally on the way back from the supermarket when these were released! 

Saturday saw said 14 year old disappearing for most of the day to go to a work with an artist, he was working with the medium of clay which he really enjoyed.

We in the meantime spent time around a few hobby style shops in search of fabric and in particular fat quarters, in order that I could have a go at the Stitch and Slash class on Craftsy, which I completed over the weekend and created some fab fabric (no photos boo hiss), will sort later.  Not that I've done anything with the fabric I've created yet but had fun nonetheless.  

Caught up with my sister and niece on Sunday after they'd done a car boot sale which was fabulous.

Hubby made some strange blueberry scones on Sunday, interesting probably not one to repeat if I'm honest. 

Monday brought work and emergency meetings at school to jump through new hoops to do with said child's expedition to Lesotho, but we were soon finished and back on our way home. 

Thursday brought said 14 year old's boot camp at school which he enjoyed although with his fair skin and the tablets he is currently on - two days of outdoor activities (sports day Wednesday) probably wasn't the wisest of moves.

And that brings us back to Friday, other positives are lovely evening meals, spending an evening in the garden, keeping topside of the washing, making a start on my summer of colour challenge (final week sob) and having most of today off (just one meeting to attend). 

So lovely people if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, come back, link up and I shall come and visit.


  1. oooow I love shopping for fabric...have you visited Craft Den Studio at Loxley/Sheffield ? Lynne has a mind bursting selection and runs lots of sewing classes*she lets you stroke the fabric too lol) :D XXX

  2. Hi Virginia. It´s nice to be back. I like all the green balloons. There are several quilters at my Wednesday group, and someone brings in a basket of fat quarters that she buys in UK. I love looking through them, much as I like stacks of pretty papers, but I am a stroker only. They don´t inspire me to get the sewing machine out!. I hope the final plans for the lad´s trip go smoothly. Hugs Kate x

  3. Sounds like you have had a fun filled week. The little things like evenings spent in the outside with a meal and glass of wine are what I missed this week.
    Have a great week!

  4. Stitch and Slash - what a brilliant name - am off to check it out :D x x