Friday, 10 July 2015


Tis Friday which means time to find the positive moments, silver linings and happy memories that have made up the last 7 days

So first up on the list was the Garden party at Chatsworth, this is included in our current membership provided we applied for the tickets, which I did at the 11th hour but came anyway - yay!

We took my sister and niece along with us, they were slightly agog at some of the 'posh' picnics that we encountered there.

Ours was a more down to earth affair, although it was still chairs and a new picnic table!  

There was a brass band but we could hardly see them let alone hear them over the evening! 

It's amazing that despite having 'that' sat in front of her - social media was much more important!

Said 14 year old minus the jam and straws just a pile of cream - rolls eyes!

We were then treated to a spectacular sunset!

And some fireworks, although 10pm fireworks in July are strange as it's not dark!

Saturday arrived and my little old micra going through her MOT was an absolute blessing there are no special surplus pots to cover any expensive repairs so we were most grateful on this front.

I've also just found the delights of Craftsy - I know a lot of people have probably found this, but it was a new one on me and I've 'ordered' a few online classes to get creating over the summer with some material!

Sunday arrived and as said 14 year old didn't even get dressed on Saturday (I kid you not), I decided we all needed some fresh air so we set off to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a wander!

There were two new exhibitions we hadn't seen the first one in the chapel as all about glass!

This was our favourite piece

I wouldn't have fancied trying to hang the ones on the wall behind!

Oh we liked this one too although it was much smaller

Family selfie that made us giggle

Then up to the main centre for the exhibition I wanted to see Rob Ryan - I love his work!  Cut from paper or screen printed they were all gorgeous to see!

We loved this one - the price was on application and the one to the right that was much smaller was £9600 - so goodness knows how much this one would be!

I loved the little houses at the bottom

His stories that he includes are very poignant - I love his style of writing!

Then we went for a wander, this is Mischief 1 and 2 - being their normal naughty selves!  They refused to pose for me, which is funny because they don't think I will use this photo to scrapbook - but you lot know me and the words - of course I will - comes to mind!

Monday arrived and I had a poorly child on my hands, I know he is fourteen almost fifteen but sometimes you get a gut feeling that they might need you around, so I took the day to keep an eye on him.  I'm glad I did as he didn't budge off the sofa once he surfaced and would have not thought to get himself a drink had I not been around.  I spent most of the day waiting on him and doing a bit of crafting, we watched some films too (Tower Heist, Brick Mansions and which was good, thankfully by the early evening he was starting to feel a little more human and managed to venture back to school on Tuesday.

Hairdressers on Tuesday night, taming this hair of mine, I went in with a lion's mane quite honestly, she managed to tame it, but it will be back to normality by the weekend!

I spent a lovely evening finishing off some summer of colour cards whilst watching the first Jurassic Park which I really enjoyed!  And the cards look pretty cool as well (even if I do say so myself).

Contact with one of said 14 year old's teachers who has been really helpful, also raised a smile!

So what has your week been like, hopefully you've had some positives and a few silver linings to make the week trip along happily, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit.

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  1. Love the family selfie in the glass!!! Looks too cool for words.
    It doesn't matter how old our kids get, they will always be our babies At 26 and 28, I still feel bad when my ones feel poorly. Hope said 14 year old is feeling much better.
    I think that I need to do a little taming (and colouring) of the "do" this weekend.
    Have a fab week!