Friday, 26 June 2015


Morning all tis Friday - so what positives have I got for this week, the 26th of 2015?

Well I think the biggest happy this week has to be my niece, not only did she did the pretty mudders race at the weekend, raising money for cancer research charity

She also had her prom, here she is looking absolutely stunning and she's not yet 16!  Me, my Mum and my sister were all very teary as we took photos, I raced home from work to get to see her, she looked utterly amazing!

There were other positives in the week but many of those disappeared into the background as you can probably appreciate!

We did some fun crafting activities on Friday evening

And worked on my peg loom

We also discovered the amazing Wingham Wool Works which is on the doorstep, an absolute heaven for all things wool!

Said 14 year old went off for a friends birthday with a cinema trip and TGI Fridays afterwards so we had a quiet Saturday afternoon and early evening, we managed to grab ourselves a meal at our local pub.

Sunday we toddled off to the cinema to watch a recorded stage play of Midsummer Night's Dream which was great, although proved a rather expensive sleep for said 14 year old - hurrumph!!!

Monday brought week three of the summer of colour challenge and this week I created seahorses.

Talking of said 14 year old, I'm grateful that he went off and had his first lot of jabs for his Lesotho trip, I'm also very grateful that he remembered that we had a school meeting on Tuesday as we had failed to put it on the calendar, I'm glad he was happy to come with us (despite the scary subject of how much they are changing the GCSE exams).  And I've also got my fingers and toes crossed for him later when he is having a tooth removed, his first, it's actually a baby tooth and there isn't full space for it and there isn't one underneath which means it's causing problems with his other teeth which we don't want to decay as a result, so he's having it pulled, we are all somewhat apprehensive about it, so please think positive thoughts that it is a quick and simple process.

So there we have it (and the week has flown by literally!).  How was yours were there any happy moments, silver linings that made you smile and reminded you of the gift of life, you know the one where you wake up and say yes - another day!

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together come back, link up and we shall come and visit, no blog, no problem, leave me a comment telling me your positives, or just sit quietly for 10 minutes and remember the highlights of the week, it is far too easy to dwell on the negative moments of life rather than the positives.


  1. Lovely collection of positives Virginia. Your niece looks stunning all dressed up for her prom.
    Hope "Said 14 yr old" doesn't have any problems with the extraction. As you say, better to get it sorted than risk later problems.
    Toni xx

  2. *was trying to click "like" on photo's lol* Hope the extraction goes well. I remember my eldest's first one...had to bribe him with a packet of sweets. Wasn't afraid of dentist, but hated the bus trip lol :DXXX

  3. A good week Virginia. Your nice looks very beautiful. I am sure your son will have no problem with his tooth extraction, especially as it is a first tooth. They have so little root.
    Your sea horses are fun. I am frantically trying to fit in a bit of craft time to make a card for the birthday bash on Monday! Lovely colours on your peg loom too. That´s something different to do isn´t it? Have a good week. I´ll have my nexus tablet with me so I might manage a quick post or comment while I am away, but it won´t be a proper one, so I´ll see you after I get home on the fifteenth. Hugs, Kate x