Friday, 12 June 2015


We are hurtling towards the mid-point of the rocking posts for 2015 - where is the year disappearing to?

Well the first positive of this week was the tea party I threw for my sister, now this is the point to shout at me - because I did not manage a single photo!  I was so busy pulling it together that I never even thought!

I came home for 2.40pm and not a sandwich or bun existed, by the time everyone arrived at 7pm, we had double chocolate muffins, raspberry and white chocolate muffins, cinnamon muffins, fluffy scones, fruit scones, smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, roasted red pepper and cream cheese sandwiches, potted beef sandwiches, ham sandwiches and coronation chicken sandwiches.  Add to that a gallon of tea (well not literally) and we had a lovely happy tea party, chatting catching up and having a lovely evening.

Other positives include the WW girls who pulled out all the stops to make my sisters birthday extra special, she was well and truly spoilt and ever so slightly overwhelmed with it all - it made me smile!

Saturday brought a team building day for said 14 year old, orienteering and raft building - apparently he had a fabulous time and it has been said how much everyone enjoyed it!  I received a lovely email from one of the teachers who attended saying what a pleasure said 14 year old was to work with during the orienteering task!  It made me feel very emotional it has to be said and how lovely for her to take the time out to write and let us know!

Sunday saw us down at the Arena watching Clarkson, Hammond and May Live - a thoroughly fun afternoon - we were not disappointed, great banter, awesome cars, some amazing stunts - simply fantastic!

We had to search the silver car when we got home - I'm reliably informed by said 14 year old that it's a Mclaren!

My boys!

Monday arrived all too quickly and I was back at work busy working away.  Tuesday arrived and it was a mighty strange day, starting with my car exhaust deciding it didn't need to be attached any more, a phone call to hubby, AA, garage and Mum led to me having to take the day off to sort it out.  Thankfully the AA did a temporary fix, the garage sorted it and my Mum kept me company whilst I was waiting for it to be fixed.  We had a lovely natter in town and even had lunch together something we very rarely get to do these days.  When I got home I decided I needed to do something positive, so I set too with the Summer of Color paints I'd selected and got my gelli plate and sat creating. I then had great fun creating this bundle of fun during the evening - they make me smile!

I've also managed a few scrapbook pages that I gelli printed but haven't done anything with them yet!

Then on Wednesday I got home from work to find a letter from school indicating that said 14 year old had won an award that he was being presented with at school next week - grinning from ear to ear!

And finally Thursday the lovely lady in the opticians who helped me select new glasses, unfortunately I do seriously struggle to see when I've not got my glasses on so she helped me find glasses that would suit me (apparently) and then I selected them.

So there you go, lots of little positives this week to be grateful for, good for the soul!

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. Shame there are no photos of your sister's tea party; shame on you, lol!! I love your summer of colour prints, they are gorgeous!! I'm not sure if I'll join in this year, though I may try.. well done to said 14 year old, too. Have another fab week; and thanks for the visits recently. Helen xx

  2. Just goes to show....if we didn't take a gazillion photos of everything no one would have any memories to share. :D XXX

  3. That sounds like a fantastic week. So happy for you. Your lad sure makes you proud. Well done to him, and how nice of the teacher to actually acknowledge something good for a change. Love all the fishes! Well done on hosting such a great party for your sister. It shows what a good time you were having if you didn´t remember to take photos. I hope nxt wek is just as positive for you. I´ll be back later with my ´happies´. Kate x