Sunday, 14 June 2015


Now it has to be said that I have a slight weakness when it comes to mini books - as anyone that knows me will know.  I can't help it, pretty papers and constructing tiny books!  So you can imagine my utter giddiness when I spotted Jen's mini book for May can't you! Here is a link to the original blog post.

And here are the two colour ways that Jen had available 

A fabulous kit and I know that the blue one was limited stock when I last checked!

Here is the link to the pink one

So not only do you get all of the above pretty papers and they are seriously pretty - a certain thickness to the papers to lead to a luxurious book, but you get the all essential instructions to create a mini book for the grand price of £17.99 - I know - crazy right. 

So Jen sent me the kit and the instructions and I was giddy giddy giddy to create 

Now the instructions say - make a dummy one up first so you know what you are doing, bearing in mind I had never seen the original (other than photos) - but anyone who knows me also knows I can be a tad impatient so I set too with great gusto.  Jen's instructions were fab - I only made one error (and it was my impatience that cause it) but I loved the finished item anyway and it didn't detract from the book or it's effectiveness!! 

I love also the fact that it looks so different depending on the different papers that you select! 

An inside view

And from the top 

Now the joys as Jen rightly points out when you have instructions to create a mini book you get to use them over and over again!

Now never one to avoid putting temptation in my way, Jen ended up with some gorgeous, no let me say that again GORGEOUS, new papers recently - I just loved the hearts and the colours ways.  So I was uber giddy to get my hands on them.  Now I know what you are thinking 'Mr and Mrs' but I don't have any wedding photos to scrap this year.  Well initially I thought about getting some of my own wedding photos from years ago reprinted, then when I started to look through, whilst there is a decidedly wedding element to these papers, there is also a decidedly 'love' theme to them too!  

Carta Bella Rustic Elegance Collection Kit

So I set too with my mini book instructions and started to play! 

Can I just say that I absolutely love the end result.  There is no reference to wedding in this book whatsoever, so I can use it for photos of me and hubby with recent photos without a stress in the world.  (Can you see what I meant about gorgeous papers). 

The inside of the book!  

A view from the top! 

And I enlarged the original card dimensions from the instructions - that's the fab bit of mini books isn't it - an ability to tweak and play with them! 

I had the most fun with these - I really did, the only 'added' elements to the kit were a peach cardstock to create the bigger pull out page elements! (More room for photos that way). 

Now I was creating this on Saturday afternoon and I was as they say 'on a roll' so I rummaged again to look for a different colour way of papers!

Now earlier in the year Jen got hold of some fabulous Simple Stories Life Documented papers, the packs were lovely and in addition she also got some calendar pages.  Now one side has a month and a calendar sheet and the other side has some great patterned paper.  If you want to see the range check out the link below.

Again the gorgeous papers are a great quality so ideal for creating mini books!

So using exactly the same instructions I created another mini book! 

The inside - just to show you the versatility of the mini book and these papers!  Again I added a little plain cardstock to get some of the papers to 'pop'.  

A view from the top 

And the side 

So if you are in need of some inspiration and want something really versatile that can be used over and over again, I don't think you can do any better than that fabulous kit from Jen! 

And before you think these will take an absolute age to make, whilst the first one was a bit of a plod to get my head around the instructions (probably 3 to 4 hours), once I had I managed to create two further ones in an afternoon - I kid you not! 

And the question is will I be using the instructions again?  Well of course, it's only Sunday and I've got an afternoon free and the weather is lousy so more mini book making this afternoon! 


  1. Wow Virginia. When you are on a roll you certainly produce some fabulous stuff.
    The original mini-book is fabulous but those additional ones are super and show how you can make use of your own stash if you have a wonderful set of instructions.
    Toni xx

  2. They are really gorgeous- I Love them and you have been SO productive!

  3. Fabulous! If anyone wants to make the book from the Rustic Harmony Collection or the Life Documented Collection, I will include the instructions as well. Just say when you order that you would like the instructions. jxx

  4. I will email the instructions to you if that makes sense!!!! If you want to make one from Rustic Harmony or Life Documented and you purchase the kits from Wear Crafts.... crumbs I thought I made sense but now I am not sure ;) jenxx

    1. Jen it makes complete sense, purchase one of those kits from Wear Crafts and you get the instructions for the mini book free - an absolute bargain!