Friday, 1 May 2015


Good morning one and all - it is Friday - which means only one thing!

Well I've done rather a large amount of work hours this week so this one might be a little on the brief side.

However, in amongst the workload there have been some positives.

Hubby is back into work - yay - still has a further test to have following his op - booooooo

I managed to deep clean bedroom, office and guest room and have a good tidy through (although there is ample items to go to the tip).

Hubby even managed to do some gardening so even they are looking OK at the moment - yay!

Caught up with my brother and his girlfriend which was fab, haven't seen him in a while - so that made me happy!

Had some good natters on the phone with my Mum which has been lovely, we seem to have had less time with each other recently which isn't so good!

Hubby made a gorgeous meal on Wednesday night - a one pot type one - really tasty!

We even managed a pint at the pub after all our cleaning at the weekend it was lovely just to chill a little bit!

My new workplace is becoming more familiar as is the work that needs doing, so I'm easing myself in at the moment.

My other workplace is crazy mad, but brilliant so that's a lovely balance and had a great chat with the CEO on Thursday!

Finding out I've got a bit more time to turn around a circle journal was also a massive blessing this week!

Seeing my Aunty whose been going through chemo and radiotherapy looking so fantastic on a photo - also raised a smile - she's doing awesome!

And finally my little sis arriving on my doorstep as she's finally back on the road - made me very very happy indeed! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lovely people I hope yours has been as positive and fruitful.

I'll leave you with a scrapbook layout (or two) to try and brighten this post up

first up is said 14 year old practicing on his guitar, the photo was actually part of his media homework!

Next up one of me and him earlier in the year - makes me happy just seeing it!

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and I shall come and visit!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice week all the same :D XXX

  2. That sounds like a busy week. I am glad you getting settled into your new work routine. It is not always easy to make anew start, and cope with all the changes. The music layout is good. I like to see the young ones doing something with music. It is my son´s lifeline. Whenever he is upset, stressed, etc, he turns to his piano.
    You had lots of nice family chats too, and hubby and your Aunty sound as though they are on the mend. All good news. Have another positive week. Kate x

  3. Don't you just love when seeing a layout makes you happy all over again. Nicely scrapped.