Friday, 29 May 2015


Morning all - well it's Friday which means only one thing

Now as I'm preparing this in advance and therefore unable to actually tell you what the week will hold - I'm going to give you the hopes for the weeks - which I will convert into gratefuls upon my return

  • Hope to have some decent family time
  • Hope to curl up with a book
  • Hope to enjoy the scenery
  • Hope to enjoy the seaside
  • Hope to enjoy good food
  • Hope for some fabulous days out
I will catch up with you on my return. 

Friday, 22 May 2015


Good Evening one and all, the lovely Jen at Wear Crafts has lots of lovely craft classes to enjoy (ooh to live closer), one of these this year involves these gorgeous legacy papers!  Jen was kind enough to send me some to have a play with and I've shared a few layouts so far this year.

Here is the next installment of layouts.

The first simply created by cutting squares from the offcuts that were left and putting them onto co-ordinating background.  Then matting a photo and providing a title to the same pulled it all together.  I even managed to use one of the little squares as a 'journalling block' in order to document the photo!  This is my amazing sister trying on a rather quaint hat, she loved it - me mmmm I remember when they were first out so maybe not my favourite - but she got us smiling!

Next up, using some of the 'project life' style elements I rounded the corners on a few sheets and cut my photo to a similar depth and height to allow for a border around the same.  Some journalling and we were done!  The photo is from an early morning walk at Center Parcs - I love the peace and tranquility of the space!

Right a scrapping we will go!


Yes you read that correctly this is the 21st Friday of 2015.

So where do the positives arrive from this week, well last weekend said 14 year old had a retreat to a place in the Peak district with lots of others that are due to go on the expedition to Lesotho later this year.  This is him before he set off!

He had by all accounts a great weekend, including a walk to Kinder Scout on what was a rather windy day!  He came home on Sunday - shattered and was soon fast asleep on the floor of all places and remained there for several hours after - waking long enough to eat tea and go to bed!

We on the other hand decided to escape for a couple of nights, we rarely get to be grown ups on our own so decided to make the most of it.  We booked a hotel just outside Matlock and enjoyed an evening stroll on Friday along the river bank - strangely despite having visited this place a lot over the years I had never actually been into this part!

The Jubilee Bridge all lit up was lovely - our hotel was somewhere on the hillside

And this was the view the following morning - we could even make out Gulliver's Kingdom!

Given that we've become members of Chatsworth house this year, we also had tickets to the international horse trials so decided to combine our break with visiting this.  Not that we would normally have gone - but hey free tickets!

I love this particular set up - particularly with Chatsworth in the background!

The bar also made me giggle - you could even sit upstairs if you wanted to!

We came across these 'Rescue Bears' - the one nearest was wearing his life jacket ready for a swim - but once it was on he just wouldn't stop barking - eager doesn't come into it!

Apparently with a double waterproofed coat and webbed feet they really are ideal as rescue dogs as they proved later in the day - love that they shared the rubber ring rescue!

Then we wandered around the garden and occasionally stopped to enjoy the views!

The planting is looking awesome too!

We booked a meal out on the Saturday evening, although it was within walking distance it was also a very very very steep drive down (and back up again) and we were walking, so although I wanted to wear my sandals I actually went in walking boots!

It was a fabulous couple of days away, we ventured back on Sunday and collected said 14 year old before enjoying the rest of the afternoon chilling in front of the TV.  I crafted whilst hubby and said 14 year old slept (I kid you not).

The rest of the week is something of a blur, Monday was incredibly stressful and despite talking it through with hubby when I got home I was still maxed out.  I approached Tuesday with a different tact which seemed to work better for me personally.  I was in the process of extracting myself from one of the jobs I'd taken on this week, so I had a few difficult reports to generate and get them as far as I possibly could before finally bowing out yesterday.  I've learnt an awful lot through this process and was sad to leave but know that it really is the best thing for me and my health and I got an awesome leaving card!

So there my lovely people are my happies this week, if you fancy joining in then pop back link up and we shall come and visit!

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Good morning, well I thought I'd put a quick post together before I dash out of the house to the various work places I'm at today!

A few layouts that I've done over recent weeks first up this is the only way that said 14 year old would consider eating the slimming world brownies I made - with the addition of sprinkled sugar - I kid you not!

Then a layout documenting a wonderful scene we came across on our way back from Eyam early in the year (hence the snow on the hill tops in the distance).

And finally a layout of me and my sister enjoying a crab sandwich and chips at Flamborough Head, despite it being February and that we were at the top of the cliff, we still insisted on sitting out to enjoy the sea air - the photo reminds me of how utterly precious family time is!

If you are off today - hope you enjoy it and some crafting, creative, scrapping time!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Good morning - tis Friday means only one thing on this blog

So what have the last 7 days had in store for us, said 14 year old gradually improved over the weekend, he was quite poorly last week and it really did take some time to come back out the other side as it were.

I also met up with an old work colleague and put the world to rights which is always lovely - we sat drinking tea and nattering nothing finer!

A wander around the local shopping centre with hubby - doesn't sound very exciting but we don't go very often I managed to find a couple of scrapbooking items.

The return of my pairs journal from the very amazing Donna - I haven't shared this on the Collaborart blog yet - so if you want to see the big reveal you'll have to head over their this week some time - just lets say it is absolutely amazing and I got an amazing bag made by her own fair hand as well as an exquisite piece of artwork!

The start of a circle journal - in a tunnel book format - I haven't done a circle journal in an absolute age!  This is the beginning of mine and yes you guessed it Alice themed

Excuse the blurry shot - but I loved the inside page and the White Rabbit peeking around the page

Said 14 year old managing a B in his maths test despite having missed some of the lessons due to a change in class and illness!  He did well!

Managing to juggle three jobs - this is proving the hardest and most testing of all but I'm trying ever so hard to manage it!

I hope you all have had a great week if you fancy joining in then, pop back link up and leave a comment and we can come and visit.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Morning all, well it was lovely to post a couple of layouts yesterday and lovely to come home to a couple of comments so on that basis a couple more.

First up a photo of hubby taking a photo, we'd stopped to get shots of the distant hills which were snow covered and I took the photo whilst still sat in the car LOL.

I added some stenciled punchinella to the original paper and then kept the key elements over to the left adding simple brad and washi tape embellishments.

Next up another layout of said 14 year old that has been shared on the Great Scheme of things blog.

I was really pleased with this layout, I think the torn edges work really well on this layout.  I also was glad I'd taken the shots on my phone as when they are printed they are 'thinner' than normal photos and this means I can get two easily on a layout!  We had popped out to a paint the pot place and spent a couple of hours painting and chatting - utter bliss!

Hope you have a happy scrapping day!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Morning all, how are you?  Well I've been neglecting my blog recently with the exception of my Rocking Your World posts, so I thought best foot forward this Tuesday to share a couple of layouts.

This layout was inspired by the first week's colour challenge on I was too late to join in which meant that I played with this one just because I could!  It actually was a lovely scheme to work with, the balance of pink is something I would never have considered adding to the page if I'm totally honest, but it sooooooo works.  So if you get stuck for inspiration then pop over each Saturday to see the latest colour scheme.

The first one just documents a 'normal' evening at home, said 14 year old was cooking and we were just chatting as you do as a family! The embellishment is a couple of years old but came as part of a Secret Santa not from last Christmas but the Christmas before - it works so well with the layout don't you think!

And then one of my favourite sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, just utterly beautiful.  I managed to use doilies on the page and some embroidered kisses along the page!

Hope you are having a lovely happy scrapping day!

Friday, 8 May 2015


Morning all, well to say it's had a bank holiday in this working week it has felt mighty long!

Well it really has been something of a roller coaster week for me if I'm honest.  But let's try and focus on the positives.

The first positive is that we had a long weekend, which is always lovely and I managed to squeeze some time out on Friday last week so a very long weekend for me.  

Friday was spent catching up with family - which was awesome, we had a wander around town, checking out a few vintage shops, browsed the bookshelves of a two storey Waterstones - now I really could have spent all day in there.  We even managed to grab a gorgeous meal before heading home, having nattered our day away - utter bliss! 

Saturday, forecast rain, rain and a bit more rain so we decided to head to the cinema to see Avengers, a very long film and an element of it really frustrated me - but hey the boys enjoyed it!  When we came out we were expecting grey rain laden clouds - only to find brilliant sunshine so we ventured to the local ancient woodland to see this miracle of nature

We even saw the wild garlic flowering!

It was a little muddy underfoot so we went with hiking boots - can you see said 14 year old literally growing before your very eyes!

Carpets of purple!

A family selfie

Monday was forecast as the best day of the whole weekend weather wise, so a few phone calls around and we decided to venture to Chatsworth for the day for a posh picnic! 

We finally got said 14 year old to try out the crazy spinning chair!

Enjoying a sit down in the Chapel

Trying out the 2D chair - which my Mum stated really wasn't very comfortable!

A truly awesome day!  The biggest sadness of the day was that my sister was too poorly to come with us!

And the spring gardens are looking quite honestly spectacular!

So overall a fantastic weekend.

Tuesday wasn't so great as we'd had a poorly child all night and it continued into the day time. 

He went back to school Wednesday but was sent home with another ailment and as we speak is still suffering,  I'm grateful school reacted quickly, I'm grateful hubby could extract himself from work to collect said 14 year old and I'm hoping with fingers and toes crossed that he is now on the mend.  

Tuesday night was a difficult night to say the least as I had some big decisions to make about my current work situation, I am grateful for the amazing support of hubby, lil sis and the WW girls who helped me when my head was feeling a little crazy.  I'm grateful that I was brave enough to take a step back and make the right decision for me and I'm grateful to family and work colleagues for being positive when I really needed it!  My work life balance is set to change in a couple of weeks, but it really is the best decision for me.  So I'm also grateful that for once I actually put myself first. 

Thursday was another tough day, after what felt like a difficult morning, I ventured to my other work place only to be faced with an issue that I wasn't expecting.  Given the fraught week I've had it proved a little too much for me to be able to deal with if I'm brutally honest and emotions got the better of me.  I'm grateful that hubby took the time to have a chat with me when I got home.  I'm grateful that Friday is a brand new day and I'm off for a chat with work colleagues and ex-work colleagues alike! 

So from a fabulous amazing weekend the week has been a hard and tedious one - but I'm getting there.  There have been positives in amongst they are just harder to spot, hubby just stepping up to the task of cooking for the week without batting an eyelid for example.  Cuddles on the sofa.  Feeling relaxed with my boys around me.  Having some lovely meals - all positives in amongst the detritus of the day! 

I hope your week has been as positive and fruitful, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up.  Your positives can be a selection of photos, or just a list or even bullet points - it doesn't matter how you mark the positives just make sure that you do! 

Friday, 1 May 2015


Good morning one and all - it is Friday - which means only one thing!

Well I've done rather a large amount of work hours this week so this one might be a little on the brief side.

However, in amongst the workload there have been some positives.

Hubby is back into work - yay - still has a further test to have following his op - booooooo

I managed to deep clean bedroom, office and guest room and have a good tidy through (although there is ample items to go to the tip).

Hubby even managed to do some gardening so even they are looking OK at the moment - yay!

Caught up with my brother and his girlfriend which was fab, haven't seen him in a while - so that made me happy!

Had some good natters on the phone with my Mum which has been lovely, we seem to have had less time with each other recently which isn't so good!

Hubby made a gorgeous meal on Wednesday night - a one pot type one - really tasty!

We even managed a pint at the pub after all our cleaning at the weekend it was lovely just to chill a little bit!

My new workplace is becoming more familiar as is the work that needs doing, so I'm easing myself in at the moment.

My other workplace is crazy mad, but brilliant so that's a lovely balance and had a great chat with the CEO on Thursday!

Finding out I've got a bit more time to turn around a circle journal was also a massive blessing this week!

Seeing my Aunty whose been going through chemo and radiotherapy looking so fantastic on a photo - also raised a smile - she's doing awesome!

And finally my little sis arriving on my doorstep as she's finally back on the road - made me very very happy indeed! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lovely people I hope yours has been as positive and fruitful.

I'll leave you with a scrapbook layout (or two) to try and brighten this post up

first up is said 14 year old practicing on his guitar, the photo was actually part of his media homework!

Next up one of me and him earlier in the year - makes me happy just seeing it!

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and I shall come and visit!