Friday, 3 April 2015


Good morning on this very grey and wet morning here in Yorkshire, the 14th of 2015!  Time to take stock on the last 7 days and acknowledge things to be happy and grateful for!

Well I've had another busy week, lots of positives though.  We managed to venture down to the local garden centre where there is a historic garden linked with the Wentworth Woodhouse Estate, we needed some fresh air and hubby was starting to four wall it at home, so it was nice to have a wander if only briefly, hubby is recovering but we've had a mini setback this week which means he needs to take it at a slower pace!

Grateful for a found pretty on our walk around - look how gorgeous this is!

And a rather blurry shot of all the frog spawn - absolutely loads of it, but a positive sign of spring!

Hubby at the entrance to the bear pit, it's so weird inside there, well lit now - we decided that it would have been Winnie the Pooh and Paddington that lived there because keeping a live animal would have been far too mean!

Sunday brought a mini book class (more like maxi book) at the local craft shop - with the lovely Julie - she has the patience of a saint if I'm honest, the book was complicated but an absolute delight to make and I really really enjoyed it, she asked if we would make it again and we were all very enthusiastic at first, it did wane a little as the afternoon progressed!  We were using these lovely papers, the class started about 10.15 and we were still busy cutting and matting at 4.30 with only a short break at lunch - a really fabulous day!

The beginning of the week meant back to work, but I'm loving the new herbal teabags - the red berry ones are lovely and always raise a smile when I'm having a cuppa at work!

A meal out on Thursday evening meant no cooking and the political debate on TV was worth the watch even if said 14 year old wasn't best pleased!

Other positives from the week, popping and seeing my Mum at the weekend, she is doing awesome now and has a lot more movement and mobility with her foot, still a way to go but overall doing fab!

Making a cake and taking it into work on the first as it was one year since I joined them, (it is actually only 14 days until I leave them as well so it's going to be a strange couple of weeks).

Having a productive meeting on Thursday afternoon was good and having a forward thinking plan for the weekend was also a big happy for the weekend.

That my lovelies is my list of positives for the week! I hope yours has been positive and blessed too, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up so we can come and visit.


  1. Sounds like a lovely week Virginia. I love the pic of hubby at the cave entrance. Hopefully he takes it easy and continues to recoup.
    Have a great week!

  2. I love that feather Virginia, and I never grew out of the buzz I got when I found frog spawn. Every year I fished some out of our pond so the children at nursery could see it hatch.
    I am glad both mum and hubby are making good progress. The book workshop looks like hard work, but I am sure the end result was worth it.
    I will always be a ´classic´tea drinker, and tea is almost the only thing I drink except water, but I do enjoy a herbal brew in the afternoons, and the red berry one smells better than all the others. Lemon and ginger is my favourite for taste though.
    Have a good week at work, and at home. Kate x

  3. Ooow you just reminded me I need to go to Wentworth and take new photos as mine were on my old puter!!! Love all the stone"bits" hiding around the gardens there :D XXX

  4. Good to read that the patients are making a recovery, albeit slowly.

    The signs of Spring give a skip to your step, don't they? On my usual dog walk the bluebells are almost ready to flower, in fact one or two have just started - just a few more days and there will be a beautiful carpet of them. I can't wait, it's so beautiful!

    Not long to go at work; that past year has gone super speedy.

    Have a great week, Virginia!