Friday, 24 April 2015


Morning all, well it's the first time that I've prepared a Friday post on a Thursday for quite some time!  You can thank the Last Leg for that as I'm now wide awake and watching it again!

So what have the last 7 days had in story!  Well Friday last week meant bag-packing for said 14 year old (almost put 11 year old - having a flashback - LOL) at local supermarket raising money for his expedition to Lesotho.  Saturday was mine and hubby's wedding anniversary, I sat and thought it's not that long ago since we got married - 17 years - let me say that again 17 YEARS!!  I remember my Mum and Dad being married that long and thinking it was forever, in all honesty it was blink and you'd miss it - the time has flown.  I put that down to the amazing life we have together and the time we are together, we both understand how each other ticks, how essential it is to talk about life and how we are and work through any concerns and the most important element to remember the simple things in life and most of all being grateful for what we have!

This is the two of us on our wedding day 17 years ago!

And 17 years later, we learn that taking photos into the sun creates shadows LOL!

We then proceeded to enjoy a 3 course banquet on Saturday!  Homemade mushroom soup, an all in one potato dish with pan fried salmon and a low calorie Eton mess, we did partake in a little vino but on the grounds we were polishing Halo on the food front we weren't too worried!

For our anniversary I bought him some outdoor Shakespeare tickets and he got me a gorgeous fluorite point

And as it was our 17th anniversary an Ametrine heart, which holds an amazing personal meaning!

As well as the tickets he got a double page scrapbook layout, including 'quirky' things from the original day and how our life is today!

Sunday we ventured to Nostell Priory - gorgeous gardens

Family selfies

Including time to discover the lakeside walk!

Wandering around an amazing house!

And me and said 14 year old trying our hand at rag rugging, something my Mum has spoken about frequently!

Monday brought a change in the work scenery for me, it's been an interesting and varied week, not sure how things will pan out but the change has been a positive one and everyone has been really great!

Hubby's meeting with the surgeon confirmed the hernias are sorted but the need for a scan just to resolve any potential issues, he also managed to get back into work on Thursday after many weeks off, so easing himself back into the work scenario, although having said that he is struggling tonight, so fingers crossed he manages tomorrow and the weekend gives him some respite!

Thursday afternoon seeing my old work colleagues as I keep their systems ticking along, it's been lovely and I managed to get loads done during the afternoon as well as catching up with everyone!

And that my lovely people is my list of happies and positives from the week, I hope yours has been as positive and fruitful, if you fancy joining in then write your blog listing/noting your happy/positive moments from the week and then come back, link up leave a message and we shall come and visit.

I hope your week has been lovely!


  1. Happy Anniversary for last week - what a very striking wedding photo!! The day out on Sunday looks fabulous - you live within reach of some amazing places.

  2. Wow...Our anniversary was on Sunday...29 years!!!! And like you it feels just like yesterday. Gorgeous pressies you got, and a fabulous day out yet again. Gad Hubby's medical problem is under control :D XXX

  3. Happy Anniversary my friend! Sounds like you celebrate yours more than we do. I love the wedding photo - you went for a very unique look and I like that.
    More interesting outings. I love that arched porch at the Priory. I tried my hand at rag rug making once. It can be pretty rough on your hands after a while. It sounds as though Hubby needs to take things fairly slowly, but I am sure he is happier being able to get back to work for short periods. I hope he continues to make good progress. Kate x

  4. Those are stunning, stunning photos Virginia. I really love the one of the pair of you at the dinner table and hubby looking at his scrapbook page. Happy Anniversary :)

    Glad he is on the mend too - what great news.

    Big hugs, you might need to pack a picnic, I posted and it's a big 'un.

    x x x