Friday, 17 April 2015


Oh I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland - I'm late I'm late - mind you I bet no-one has actually noticed LOL!

So what have the last 7 days had in store for us, well apart from the fact the weather has been improving - which is a big Yay!!!!! We've also had a few other things up our sleeves.

A trip out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - we walked over to the Chapel and got to see the iron tree

We managed a selfie by the river (despite people walking past)

We got to enjoy the view including sculptures in a far off field - red net cylinders with yellow centres

We climbed (albeit slowly) the 71 steps!

And got up close to some highland cattle who were far more interested in eating than us!

We went and had a look at the elephant in the workshop at the end - which is now stood on board a viking ship.  Apparently it's destined for a shopping centre somewhere.

We also found a new sculpture

And the current exhibition Henry Moore

We also managed a jaunt to Gainsborough Old Hall which is quite honestly - fantastic!

We had a great wander and read of all the info around and as it's English Heritage there was no money exchanging hands!

We found some fab textile art which is great given that said 14 year old is doing art textiles

Some of the work was very intricate and detailed

We even managed a walk up to the top of the tower

For a great view!

More textile art in the gift shop

Outside we got to enjoy the gorgeous building

Wednesday was a sad day as I left my job that I started last April.  I had a lovely send off - really lovely, we all sat and had lunch together, Lynne organised arranged and sorted it - which was lovely!  I got a gorgeous bunch of yellow roses off  Pat and a gorgeous cup and herbal teabags  from Sandra and I got a lovely leaving card and a Hobbycraft gift voucher from all my colleagues and you all know how much I will enjoy using that!  I didn't shed a tear despite getting a bit emotional when the CEO handed over the gifts but I've 'volunteered' to help out during the transitional period so I'll be popping in over the next few weeks so it will ease me back out of the place as it were!

Thursday we headed up to Harewood, we often end up there later in the year so it was nice to go early and with most of the children back at school it was really quiet.  My favourite room in the house is amazing and lighter than previous years thanks to some new blinds they have!

We also enjoyed the story of the world's oldest rum found in Harewood going back to the 1800's - this rum was made when slave trade was still rife throughout the world.  Harewood actually sold some of the rum at Christie's auction a few years ago and donated the money raised in a foundation in memory of a great lady who helped young people in performing arts!

Although I'm not sure I'd have been as keen to try it when the bottles were found looking like this!

We also got to see the marquette of the statue in the garden - both of which can be seen in this photo.

We even managed a family selfie!

And said 14 year old managed chips in the garden - she says rolling her eyes!

We were also amazed to see the red kites there - amazing to see so close!

Another family selfie

And the main statue in the garden 

Said 14 year old got a panoramic for me - expect to see this on a scrapbook layout shortly!

We also enjoyed the walk around the birds, overall a fabulous day out!

Other positives this week have been rejoining Slimming World with a better frame of mind, given the health issues that we've had to deal with over recently months in the family as a whole this had definitely fallen by the wayside but back on it now!

Mini book making - which I love - however I've got a bit obsessed and created about 5 up to now this week - no idea what I'll use them for but they've been fun to make

Spending time with hubby and said 14 year old and enjoying going back through the Fast and Furious films, also getting said 14 year old to watch The Outsiders finally - one of my favourite films in my teens and my go to teen book as well - amazing story and fantastic film!

Overall a pretty spectacular positive week - I hope yours has been positive and eventful as well, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back link up and I shall come and visit - don't forget to leave a message telling me that you've visited!


  1. I honestly don't know how you manage all these trips out in one week lol....all of which look amazing! One highlight for us this week was getting hold of a dvd copy of Paint your Wagon...hubbies all time fav to get kids to watch it lol :D XXX

  2. well I am afraid I didn't notice this morning as I was running late before work which is when I usually check your week out!! GREAT photos, especially the panorama, and the Henry Moore - I saw that one at Kew a few years ago, she gets about a bit!!

  3. It is nice that you sound so much more upbeat this week Virginia. You do find some lovely and interesting places to visit. The scenery is beautiful, and so it that lovely white building with all the black beams. I hope there was something worth while at the top of all those steps! The photo with the statue inside and outside was a clever one!
    It is lovely that your son goes willingly on all the trips with you, and appears to really enjoy them too. I am not sure my lads at fourteen would have been so keen.
    Good luck with slimming world. I hope it works for you. I am not sufficiently disciplines to stick with it. Kate x

  4. What a brilliant post! Your days out look amazing and I loved all the photos.