Thursday, 30 April 2015


Good morning, well I've been neglecting my blog by epic proportions recently, life is exceptionally busy at the moment with work if I'm honest.  But I need to ensure I make some me time as it were, which I'm trying desperately to manage, not achieving yet but I am trying.

However, thanks to the fact that I've been doing a lot of scrapping earlier in the year (not so much now), I have a few layouts in my blog folder to share.

First up a layout created after receiving a beautiful knitted scarf sent to me by Toni.  She had mentioned on her blog that she was using papers to alter an item, but hadn't got the papers in 12 x 12 so she was going to have some juggling to do to get them to fit.  I realised that I had those very same papers in a 12 x 12 so offered to send her a few sheets to help and as a surprise to say thank you I received this back in the post!

I was absolutely gobsmacked and very very grateful, the scarf is beautiful and so I wanted to make sure I'd documented it - thank you Toni!

Hope you are managing a Happy Scrapping day!

Friday, 24 April 2015


Morning all, well it's the first time that I've prepared a Friday post on a Thursday for quite some time!  You can thank the Last Leg for that as I'm now wide awake and watching it again!

So what have the last 7 days had in story!  Well Friday last week meant bag-packing for said 14 year old (almost put 11 year old - having a flashback - LOL) at local supermarket raising money for his expedition to Lesotho.  Saturday was mine and hubby's wedding anniversary, I sat and thought it's not that long ago since we got married - 17 years - let me say that again 17 YEARS!!  I remember my Mum and Dad being married that long and thinking it was forever, in all honesty it was blink and you'd miss it - the time has flown.  I put that down to the amazing life we have together and the time we are together, we both understand how each other ticks, how essential it is to talk about life and how we are and work through any concerns and the most important element to remember the simple things in life and most of all being grateful for what we have!

This is the two of us on our wedding day 17 years ago!

And 17 years later, we learn that taking photos into the sun creates shadows LOL!

We then proceeded to enjoy a 3 course banquet on Saturday!  Homemade mushroom soup, an all in one potato dish with pan fried salmon and a low calorie Eton mess, we did partake in a little vino but on the grounds we were polishing Halo on the food front we weren't too worried!

For our anniversary I bought him some outdoor Shakespeare tickets and he got me a gorgeous fluorite point

And as it was our 17th anniversary an Ametrine heart, which holds an amazing personal meaning!

As well as the tickets he got a double page scrapbook layout, including 'quirky' things from the original day and how our life is today!

Sunday we ventured to Nostell Priory - gorgeous gardens

Family selfies

Including time to discover the lakeside walk!

Wandering around an amazing house!

And me and said 14 year old trying our hand at rag rugging, something my Mum has spoken about frequently!

Monday brought a change in the work scenery for me, it's been an interesting and varied week, not sure how things will pan out but the change has been a positive one and everyone has been really great!

Hubby's meeting with the surgeon confirmed the hernias are sorted but the need for a scan just to resolve any potential issues, he also managed to get back into work on Thursday after many weeks off, so easing himself back into the work scenario, although having said that he is struggling tonight, so fingers crossed he manages tomorrow and the weekend gives him some respite!

Thursday afternoon seeing my old work colleagues as I keep their systems ticking along, it's been lovely and I managed to get loads done during the afternoon as well as catching up with everyone!

And that my lovely people is my list of happies and positives from the week, I hope yours has been as positive and fruitful, if you fancy joining in then write your blog listing/noting your happy/positive moments from the week and then come back, link up leave a message and we shall come and visit.

I hope your week has been lovely!

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Morning all, well it's time to share a couple more layouts created using the legacy papers sent from the lovely Jen at Wear Crafts - 

click here to see her blog 

and click here to see her website

So first up a photo of me and hubby wandering around a rather frosty Chatsworth last year when the Beyond Limits sculptures were there to be seen. 

A strip of the legacy, I rounded the corners on the photo and the photo mat and then created some squares to create the squares from offcuts I had.  Some simple hand stitching and the layout was done. 

It's rather an apt layout given that it's our 17th wedding anniversary today! 

And another layout, this one of my amazing Mum.  I used a mix of wavy boards and border punches on this layout and put the journalling between two wavy board pieces! 

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day! 

Friday, 17 April 2015


Oh I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland - I'm late I'm late - mind you I bet no-one has actually noticed LOL!

So what have the last 7 days had in store for us, well apart from the fact the weather has been improving - which is a big Yay!!!!! We've also had a few other things up our sleeves.

A trip out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - we walked over to the Chapel and got to see the iron tree

We managed a selfie by the river (despite people walking past)

We got to enjoy the view including sculptures in a far off field - red net cylinders with yellow centres

We climbed (albeit slowly) the 71 steps!

And got up close to some highland cattle who were far more interested in eating than us!

We went and had a look at the elephant in the workshop at the end - which is now stood on board a viking ship.  Apparently it's destined for a shopping centre somewhere.

We also found a new sculpture

And the current exhibition Henry Moore

We also managed a jaunt to Gainsborough Old Hall which is quite honestly - fantastic!

We had a great wander and read of all the info around and as it's English Heritage there was no money exchanging hands!

We found some fab textile art which is great given that said 14 year old is doing art textiles

Some of the work was very intricate and detailed

We even managed a walk up to the top of the tower

For a great view!

More textile art in the gift shop

Outside we got to enjoy the gorgeous building

Wednesday was a sad day as I left my job that I started last April.  I had a lovely send off - really lovely, we all sat and had lunch together, Lynne organised arranged and sorted it - which was lovely!  I got a gorgeous bunch of yellow roses off  Pat and a gorgeous cup and herbal teabags  from Sandra and I got a lovely leaving card and a Hobbycraft gift voucher from all my colleagues and you all know how much I will enjoy using that!  I didn't shed a tear despite getting a bit emotional when the CEO handed over the gifts but I've 'volunteered' to help out during the transitional period so I'll be popping in over the next few weeks so it will ease me back out of the place as it were!

Thursday we headed up to Harewood, we often end up there later in the year so it was nice to go early and with most of the children back at school it was really quiet.  My favourite room in the house is amazing and lighter than previous years thanks to some new blinds they have!

We also enjoyed the story of the world's oldest rum found in Harewood going back to the 1800's - this rum was made when slave trade was still rife throughout the world.  Harewood actually sold some of the rum at Christie's auction a few years ago and donated the money raised in a foundation in memory of a great lady who helped young people in performing arts!

Although I'm not sure I'd have been as keen to try it when the bottles were found looking like this!

We also got to see the marquette of the statue in the garden - both of which can be seen in this photo.

We even managed a family selfie!

And said 14 year old managed chips in the garden - she says rolling her eyes!

We were also amazed to see the red kites there - amazing to see so close!

Another family selfie

And the main statue in the garden 

Said 14 year old got a panoramic for me - expect to see this on a scrapbook layout shortly!

We also enjoyed the walk around the birds, overall a fabulous day out!

Other positives this week have been rejoining Slimming World with a better frame of mind, given the health issues that we've had to deal with over recently months in the family as a whole this had definitely fallen by the wayside but back on it now!

Mini book making - which I love - however I've got a bit obsessed and created about 5 up to now this week - no idea what I'll use them for but they've been fun to make

Spending time with hubby and said 14 year old and enjoying going back through the Fast and Furious films, also getting said 14 year old to watch The Outsiders finally - one of my favourite films in my teens and my go to teen book as well - amazing story and fantastic film!

Overall a pretty spectacular positive week - I hope yours has been positive and eventful as well, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back link up and I shall come and visit - don't forget to leave a message telling me that you've visited!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Recently I've been spending a lot of time inside my head, it's a bit like a spring clean in the house but this one is for the mind.  I've been moving furniture around, trying out a new colour scheme and generally trying to get ready for summer.  Now the blue skies, longer days and warmer temperatures are starting to have an impact, it's as though my brain is coming out of hibernation and contemplating the changes that I need to make in order to move forward.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job (well one out of two anyway) and next Monday signals a start of a new job adventure and with this change I'm embracing other changes that I want to make - note the word want rather than need.

So I've been neglecting my blog, I'm still creating - possibly not as ferociously as I did last month but that's a positive in itself as I felt somewhat manic in my approach to most things - which if I'm honest is never good!

So I'm going to share some summery layouts I did recently for The Great Scheme of Things blog - a colour challenge blog for any kind of crafting if you haven't discovered it yet then click here to take a look, the challenge goes live every Saturday and is a great start for any crafting, whether it's putting a kit together from your own goodies, knitting, sewing, crochet, art journal, altered art, card making, whatever takes your fancy!

First up photo of niece and said 14 year old with my Mum on New Year's Eve this was only a couple of days after my Mum had had a major op after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.

Then my sister's crazy cat - AKA ginger monster, he has other names but is so mischievous this is what he's often referred to as!

Then the mad March hare at Chatsworth last year

And finally a shot from Flamborough Head.

I loved this colour scheme and would never in a million years have pulled these papers together as a kit - just shows you how fab a challenge blog is doesn't it!

So anyone else having a mental clear out - or is it just me?

Friday, 10 April 2015


Ok so it's Friday again, apparently my last post was Friday last week so you can tell that it's been a busy week overall.  At the moment I'm juggling two jobs which is proving interesting but hard work in equal measure and although I love the jobs and the work I'm also finding switching off a little bit tougher than normal - so bear with me - anyway I digress as it's time to look back over the last 7 days and pull out those silver linings and positives that make life such an amazing journey!

So first up has to be our first visit to Chatsworth country house, for anyone who follows my blog you will be aware that this is one of those places that we visit frequently, well this year, thanks to a facebook notification we've decided to become members so off we toddled on Easter Sunday to have a wander around - all I can say is utter bliss!

Well from now until early October the house is playing host to a range of 'modern' unusual and designer seating.  We loved this resin based seat that resembled water, hubby actually took this shot through the side of the piece!

There was also an Easter egg hunt with a difference around the house, we discovered that the right foot to match this one is actually in a museum in Berlin!

We'd also forgotten that you get to wander around other areas of the house including part of the upstairs, I loved this suspended seat, said 14 year old said it reminded him of a bunch of fibre optic cables!

We even managed a decent shot of the violin trompe l'oeil for which Chatsworth is famous.

And apparently after Madonna was seen laying on one of these in her rain video they sold one at auction for 1.1 million pounds - it isn't even metal from what we understand having done an internet search!

Said 14 year old liked this one but said it lacked lights inside, I could imagine hiding from the outdoor world with a good book (and a reading light) in this!

He did however, love these flat 2-dimensional chairs that you could sit on!

As did we (all these photos will be appearing on a scrapbook layout very soon - you've been warned).

I also loved this pixelated chair - utter genius!

There were also other unusual seats - said 14 year old said they were surprisingly comfortable!

And the dining room where Queen Victoria dined on two occasions - you can actually take a seat at the table which is unusual as it is normally cordoned off!

And then some of our favourites!

These looked like they were growing out of the floor!

Outside daffodils were flowering!

And we found fabulous crazy trees!

And said 14 year old found himself a comfy spot right in front of the house enjoying the Emperor fountain and pond view!

All in all it was a fabulous day, enjoying the spring sunshine, a beautiful house and garden wandering and chatting - nothing finer!

Other positives were my Mum and her hubby popping over on Saturday for a catch up, we had a good natter and put the world to rights which was good, she's doing really well and making improvements with her foot all the time!

Said 14 year old also went bag packing on Easter Saturday towards his Lesotho expedition later in the year so had to be up and out early on Saturday morning, despite it being only early in his Easter holiday!

Other positives have been two outdoor fires and a barbecue earlier in the week and what a week it's been - beautiful weather!

We also managed to go and see Fast and Furious 7 at the cinema last Friday when the weather wasn't so good - really enjoyed it but shed a tear at the end - thought I might!

Hubby helping me with mini books earlier in the week, I was taking a recent design I'd been taught and putting it through it's paces to see if I could make it a bit more user friendly, although I loved the original design it was very rigid and makes the book quite difficult to get into and manipulate, the alteration should make it a lot more user friendly and easier to get into - but time will tell as I haven't finished putting it together yet.

And that my lovely people is how my week has panned out - how has yours been?  if you fancy joining in then, pop a post together, come back and link up, leave a comment to give me a nudge as life can get in the way sometimes and we shall come and visit!