Friday, 6 March 2015


Morning lovely people tis Friday - the first of March and the 10th Rocking post of 2015 - yes we have got into double digits!

Well the grateful moments for the week - said 14 year old embracing the fun run and doing the 5K - the fact they got sidetracked in the kids playground and arrived back via a detour was just an added bonus!  

Next grateful is one of those serendipity moments, said 14 year old said "where are we going to take photos for our painting challenge" - followed by confused expressions of parents!  Ohh yes we did say that - fun run happens to be 20 minutes from Hodsock Priory which had it's last snowdrop weekend - so we put two and two together and toddled off there! So why serendipitous?  Well I'd never heard of Hodsock Priory until Friday last week when a colleague mentioned going there to see all the snowdrops - I love it when life gives you a prod like that don't you - sometimes its easy to ignore the prod - or maybe not even realise what it is - but it is a prod for you to act on, keep an eye on life this week to see if you can spot it prodding you! 

Next up fresh air and an outdoor fire!  

Hot chocolate on a cold day 
Hot chocolate with marshmallows made it nicer
Hot chocolate with marshmallows and a chocolate stirring stick made it perfect 
Further grateful hot chocolate added extras - weren't added extras cost wise!

Family selfies in front of some of the snow drops!

Wintery skies and those bare trees

Snowdrops up close

Hidden paths

And beautiful gate houses which we weren't allowed near as there was a wedding going on!

These two winding each other up!

And cuddles with hubby - extra special as I write this as he's had an op today (thursday) which hasn't gone quite according to plan and they are having to keep him in overnight, we will know more tomorrow - to say I'm feeling a little anxious is an understatement!

More family selfies

Which took an age to take and had us giggling from ear to ear.

My cup from the other week all shiny and new

And said 14 year old's cup

So that my lovely people is that, a good weekend, some key positives and grateful moments from the last 7 days hope yours have been just as positive - if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back link up and we can come and visit.


  1. Gorgeous photos and great gratefuls - but I do hope your hubby is ok and comes home today.. you must be very worried. Sending hugs.

  2. Lovely family selfies. Gorgeous Virginia <3 . Big hugs x

  3. What a lovely post, great photos.... apart from the bit about your OH. Hope he is home today and all is well :)

    You have me desperately wanting a hot chocolate now and it is only 8.20 in the morning!

    Love your mug and yes, totally agree - we must never ignore those prods!!!!!

    Love Karen x

  4. Lovely photos. That outdoor fire looks good and the chocolate sounds wonderful. Happy family times are always things to be grateful for. I do hope hubby is OK and able to come home again soon. I´ll be thinking of you all this week, and praying for a good outcome. Hugs. Kate x

  5. Such lovely family pictures. You are blessed to be so happy and enjoy each others company so much!
    Sending good thoughts your way for your Hubby and hope he is home soon.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Wonderful collection of photos & positives.
    The two mugs look great.
    Toni xx