Friday, 20 March 2015


That's right lovely people we are 12 weeks of Fridays into 2015 and time to stop and take stock again!

OK it's been another one of 'those' weeks, things are becoming better overall with hubby which is really good although the progress is really slow and occasionally he forgets and does something stupid and gets yelled at by me and said 14 year old as he isn't allowed to lift anything for 4-6 weeks! But overall I'm glad he's now hopefully fingers and toes crossed on the road to recovery!

Friday was Red Nose day - we bought the works, the noses, the pin badges, the bangle thingies, even the umbrellas!  Said 14 year old partook in making a few buns too - do you think we were thoroughly joining in the essence of the day!

6 Nations Rugby - the Wales v Ireland match was by far the best of the weekend, a really great match and kept us highly entertained.  England winning their match added to this overall positive too - so that was all fab stuff!

A gorgeous hand made card on Mother's Day from said 14 year old bless him and a mini book class booked for the 29 March 2015 as a treat for me which definitely raised a smile!

Hairdressers on Tuesday was a godsend as was in desperate need of a trim was on the verge of 'lop it all off' before she convinced me I'd feel much better for it trimming and then decided - she was right!

Next up is sister and niece who came with me on Tuesday evening in search of a dress I could wear to a ball this evening - it was a crazy few hours dashing around the nearest shopping centre if I'm honest.  By the time I joined her she had already bought her long very sophisticated dress, I've ended up with a shorty but to be honest getting me into a dress is going to be a major, then we leapfrogged from shoe shop to shoe shop before we both managed to find something and then I headed for the underwear section of Debenhams as I really haven't purchased decent undies in quite some time and mine were looking decidedly tired and worn.  So it was a busy and eventful in equal measure!

Wednesday found us dashing to the music academy for guitar class before operation Planet Cake - came into play!  In science at the moment they are studying the earth, the inner bits and they'd been asked to bring in a foam ball - this failed on an epic scale (despite the £5 price tag to find one that fit the bill), so said 14 year old decided he wanted to make a spherical cake with the inner layers!  And yes before you ask we did rise to the challenge and a whole evening of different coloured madeira cakes were made using some rather expensive half-sphere cake tins that were purchased at great cost!

Thursday evening saw us complete the cake and said 14 year old has a completed project and a lift to school as a direct consequence, it was a bit stressful making it but overall we had fun and I have another photo ready for the scrapbooking pile!

I hope you've had a great week as well and that you've managed lots of positives and grateful moments, new Rockettes are always welcome so if you fancy joining in - pop a post together pop back and link up - it doesn't have to be war and peace like mine it could just be a bullet pointed list of positives - whatever suits!


  1. I left it too late to buy a red nose, and my mini sainsburys near work had run out.. the cakes look fab! Hope you have a fantastic time tonight and we see some pics of you in your glad rags!

  2. What a fab week. The world cake is amazing. I hope he got lots of nice comments at school. Well done on the red nose effort. We watched some of it, but there were no noses on sale around here. I´m glad the shopping spree was a success, and that hubby is making progress, albeit slowly. Chris enjoyed watching the rugby too, and even to my un trained eye, that did look like an exciting match. He roots for the Irish team, but England come second in his loyalty table! Hugs Kate x