Friday, 13 March 2015


Morning I'm a bit later posting than normal - apologies hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Occasionally and they don't happen very often I have a difficult week where it becomes a bit of a dig deep, now this week I've got lots to be grateful for but for a whole world of other reasons, so please forgive me if some of my positives seem a little odd - they are positives albeit with maybe a slight hint of irony!

I'm grateful that the surgeon was still on hand to sort out the issues after hubbies operation

I'm grateful for the nurse that rushed to help hubby when he collapsed

I'm grateful for the crash team that responded really quickly! 

I'm grateful for a fantastic bunch of nurses who looked after hubby for his few days in hospital

I'm grateful for the staff nurse who answered questions over the phone two days after he'd left hospital

I'm grateful that ringing 111 meant a level headed answer - which was to call our Doctors again and insist on speaking to a Doctor - something I'd failed miserably to do without them! 

I'm grateful for late night pharmacies

I'm grateful that I can drive in order to get to late night pharmacies!

I'm grateful that school understood that said 14 year old was more concerned about his Dad than school work and allowed him time with me so we could get things resolved

I'm grateful that hubby is now making (albeit slow) progress

I'm grateful that the surgeon is going to keep an eye on things even though he doesn't normally

I'm grateful that we have that  hospital appointment through already! 

I'm grateful that spring is around the corner and that my little tete a tete daffodils are flowering - they've made me smile this week when I've been finding it mighty tough! 

I'm grateful that there were two mornings that hubby managed to sit out and enjoy fresh air and some sunshine, albeit that it was for only a brief time!

I'm grateful for a new inspiring blog with a fantastic group of ladies who are as we speak pulling together a fab weekly colour challenge idea on a new blog - it's kept me busy late at night when I've been whittling (and this blog launches tomorrow so if you ever need a bit of inspiration or help getting the mojo running then don't forget to check it out and it's an anything goes craft wise inspiration!- click piccie for link). 

I'm grateful for the hospital getting Mum out of pot and into air boot - apparently she is a lot more mobile!

I'm also grateful that her return visit up to the hospital means that other areas of her life have resumed normality, something we'd all been worrying about! 

I'm grateful hubby left his fleecy dressing gown downstairs because it's keeping me toasty warm

I'm grateful that school has given the kids an inset day today, it means that said 14 year old can chill out today which I think he will be happy to do.

I'm grateful for whatsapp which means not only can I message people (similar to messenger) but I can message them with photos at no cost and they don't have to be on facebook. 

I'm happy for my new Red nose day umbrella and the fact said 14 year old was happy to come to Sainsbury's with me in search of red noses even though we didn't get any - we did buy lots of the other items on sale - from pin badges to cups! 

I'm grateful for my WW girls who keep me sane - always! 

I'm grateful for being alive, for having my sight, for being able to appreciate the small things in life.  I'm grateful that my family all seem to be making a good recovery and I'm grateful for you reading my weekly ramblings and the odd one of you taking the time to join in - thank you! 

So my lovely people, take stock and reflect, pull out the strands of positives from your week and hold them close, if you fancy sharing pop a post together, come back link up and we can all come and visit. 


  1. Hi Virginia. What a week you have had, and well done for finding so many positives in it. With what we are hearing over here about the NHS, you are lucky to have had such good treatment. I hope your hubby soon picks up now, and that you have plenty of warmer, sunny days to help him recuperate. I am glad you have your son to talk with. so you can support one another at this worrying time.
    Your daffs are beautiful. I can almost smell them from here.
    I am going to see the new craft blog now.
    I hope next week is a little easier for you. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Kate x

  2. That's a lot of gratefuls, Virginia - it was great to read about them all!

    Wishing hubby a speedy recovery.


  3. Oh Virginia. So many things to be grateful for.

    Sending you big love. And positive vibes for hubby too.

    I am keeping up with my Rocking Fridays, compiling a folder of photos - just wish internet would stay on long enough for me to compile a blog post of any description! It'll be a monthly catch up at this rate!

    x x x