Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Good morning lovely people

Are you in on the big news

It's great isn't it!

What do you mean no you haven't heard

You haven't heard 

Well this Saturday 14 March 2015 - there is the launch of a brand new colour inspired blog from the original creators of It's a Creative World!  

So for those of you that need that motivation and kick start to create or just those that love a colour challenge this is for you - anything goes - literally anything - whatever craft, art, journal, postcards, scrapbook, mini books, knitting, crochet - whatever your interest pop along each Saturday for the colour inspiration and then see inspirational blog post roll out in the following week and get creating!  

The blog in question (click on it to visit it and don't forget to follow so you can keep up to date with the weekly colour inspiration)

And I'm glad to tell you that I've rejoined the team and will be one of those contributing - excited - absolutely! 


  1. It looks interesting Virginia. I´ll check back on Saturday. Kate x

  2. Can never ave too much inspiration :D XXX

  3. Great idea to have somewhere to drop in for inspiration