Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Morning all - well officially 31st March - how did that happen - no really how?

So thought I'd share a few layouts from the blog folder.  First up said 14 year old and me after his colour assault challenge last year - had no idea how much of the paint had ended up on us until we got home - I had green hair!

Then a family barbecue at home just chilling 

And finally a layout showing elements of Much Wenlock Priory including a panoramic shot!

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!

Monday, 30 March 2015


I noticed it on Friday when I clocked the 13th rocking post of the year - 13 - that's a quarter of the year - yes that's right.  13 weeks in so how is your year looking so far, have you ticked things off the to do list, achieved what you were wanting to achieve by now, making good headway?  Have the resolutions been ticked off or drop kicked?  Either way there is still lots of time to make changes and progress!

I think I need to 'shift' things a little bit if I'm honest, it's noting how best to do that but it's not insurmountable just a determination to crack on as it were.  But whilst I'm making these changes I'll share a few layouts with you.  First up a double page I did around our visit to Souter Lighthouse last year.  We would never have found this place had it not been for a recommendation from Jen, we had a fab afternoon on a gorgeous coastline!

Next up our first visit to Bridgnorth enjoying a ride in the cliff side railway

And finally a photo documenting our visit to a Japanese garden last year, it was a beautiful day and it was a gorgeous day out!

So there we go, hope you are having a good day!

Friday, 27 March 2015


Morning all, well we find ourselves on the 13th Friday of 2015 - how is your year turning out so far?  Ours has been a little on the strange side and I think we might be on the cusp of change if I'm honest so let's watch this space to see if that comes to fruition.

So let's reflect on the last 7 days and see what we have to be positive and grateful for.

First up the fab hairdresser last Friday managing to work wonders with my hair bless her, we were off out to a Charity ball and I wanted something different so this is what she created and all in 30 minutes - I'd never have managed to come close if I'm honest!  Plus bargain price of £10 and it lasted all weekend and Monday as well!

Me and hubby ready for the ball, grateful that he managed to get into his suit for the evening despite his recent op! 

We had a grand night it has to be said! 


This was our group shot, my sister Melanie on the left, the very fabulous Amy, then hubby, me, one of my besties from school Bernie and her hubby Simon - a fab night was had by all! 

A fab shot of my sister and Amy - they both looked gorgeous on the night, were great company and we danced the night away!  

Saturday saw the 6 Nations, which was fab, despite my split heritage (English and Irish) I would have loved to have seen England win because it was such a ridiculously tall order for them before they started if I'm honest!  

Next up Steelers winning the league - fabulous - wish we had been there, but hubby still out of action so we just had to catch up with results! 

Sunday saw us venturing out and I drove us to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, something we pass every time we go to Chatsworth and hubby always comments, so we decided to pop along and have a wander.  It was OK if I'm honest possibly not one I'd revisit.  I did learn things though which is always the sign of a decent museum isn't it.  It's history is with scythe making which I didn't know before we went.  We discovered that the clay pots made to melt the metal in were created by one main potter and were actually created using a mould (rather than being created on a potters wheel).  Apparently he mixed the clay with his bare feet in a square tray on the floor - I was amazed and there was even a historical photograph in the museum documenting such a man! 

Photo opportunities - said 14 year old demonstrating the dangers of sharpening scythes! 

The view of the dam was fab, you can see this by the roadside, but this was the only point we could access the dam easily on the site

The education room was quite good as well, with a set up to allow you to try pulling the pot and then pouring the pot - thankfully without the molten metal! 

Sitting enjoying a coffee and cake after our visit, popping to Beauchief Abbey around the corner, although something of a disappointment in all honesty but at least we've been. 

I did like seeing the pretty crocus bulbs flowering on the floor near the church. 

The rest of the week has been something of a blur, a good meeting at school on Wednesday night confirming that we managed to raise over £3K on the ball night which is pretty awesome.  Thursday was a crazy busy day working until late but the positive was managing some crafting into the evening - utter bliss.  

I hope you've had a good week with lots of positive moments to look back on and reflect.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and we shall come and visit! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Good morning lovely people the last of my counterfeit kit this morning. First up a double page, monochromatic layout using my wavy board again! 

Up close the left hand page

and right hand page documenting one of those 'I'm going to win' moments at a penny slot arcade in Bridlington, with my niece and sister - needless to say we walked away empty handed!  

As most of you know from the blog hop yesterday I cut the middle out of a hexagon paper, but rather than use it 'in tact' I split the elements up and used them across a page. I rounded the corners of the photo, photo mat and other elements, added a stamped title and some strips of washi tape! 

Last year I printed off a Simple Stories sheet from UK Scrappers which documented a layout similar to the one below, using little 'cards' made from scraps measuring 3.75" x 2.75" so I thought it would be fun to do the same with the balance of the items I had in my kit

With a few I had left over I also managed to throw a card together

And because I was in the mood to throw a few cards together I managed to create these, I've never professed to be particularly good at cards, but I enjoyed making these! 

And there you go, another kit used to the fullest and complete.  I might take a month off in April as my scrapping is getting a little 'out of hand' if I'm brutally honest at the moment, although I might play with some more cards as they don't require an abundance of photos! 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Good morning lovely people my turn on the Counterfeit Kit blog hop for March.

You should have arrived here from Laura over on Beads and buttons click here to go back if you need

If you get lost along the way - then you can always head back to the Counterfeit Kit blog here

I took up the first challenge this month and unusually for me I've stuck to just the one - that challenge was to do with borders.  In amongst my kit was a very 'regimented' paper made of hexagons I decided that if I put the inner section out I had a pre-made border, which I could add to with a different middle paper - I had a lot of fun and it will make me rethink some of my papers in future.  Additions of washi tape, a few strips of paper and some punched hearts.

The photo documents skimming of stones - which became more 'lobbing of rocks' if I'm honest.  But they both had great fun!

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Monday, 23 March 2015


Good morning lovely people Monday already - so time to share some layouts because I can. 

First up lots of circles - these were to enhance the sculpture that was a circle full of circular lenses showing an unusual view of the gardens at Harewood (one of favourite places to visit). 

Next up torn paper - I'd forgotten how effective it looks on an contrasting background!   The photo is of a sculpture at Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year on a misty morning! 

And finally photo of said 14 year old with some abandoned art that we left when visiting Brodsworth last year!  This photo used some papers I got through Carmen's Secret Santa swap! 

If you are lucky enough to be at home today - have a happy scrapping day! 

Friday, 20 March 2015


That's right lovely people we are 12 weeks of Fridays into 2015 and time to stop and take stock again!

OK it's been another one of 'those' weeks, things are becoming better overall with hubby which is really good although the progress is really slow and occasionally he forgets and does something stupid and gets yelled at by me and said 14 year old as he isn't allowed to lift anything for 4-6 weeks! But overall I'm glad he's now hopefully fingers and toes crossed on the road to recovery!

Friday was Red Nose day - we bought the works, the noses, the pin badges, the bangle thingies, even the umbrellas!  Said 14 year old partook in making a few buns too - do you think we were thoroughly joining in the essence of the day!

6 Nations Rugby - the Wales v Ireland match was by far the best of the weekend, a really great match and kept us highly entertained.  England winning their match added to this overall positive too - so that was all fab stuff!

A gorgeous hand made card on Mother's Day from said 14 year old bless him and a mini book class booked for the 29 March 2015 as a treat for me which definitely raised a smile!

Hairdressers on Tuesday was a godsend as was in desperate need of a trim was on the verge of 'lop it all off' before she convinced me I'd feel much better for it trimming and then decided - she was right!

Next up is sister and niece who came with me on Tuesday evening in search of a dress I could wear to a ball this evening - it was a crazy few hours dashing around the nearest shopping centre if I'm honest.  By the time I joined her she had already bought her long very sophisticated dress, I've ended up with a shorty but to be honest getting me into a dress is going to be a major, then we leapfrogged from shoe shop to shoe shop before we both managed to find something and then I headed for the underwear section of Debenhams as I really haven't purchased decent undies in quite some time and mine were looking decidedly tired and worn.  So it was a busy and eventful in equal measure!

Wednesday found us dashing to the music academy for guitar class before operation Planet Cake - came into play!  In science at the moment they are studying the earth, the inner bits and they'd been asked to bring in a foam ball - this failed on an epic scale (despite the £5 price tag to find one that fit the bill), so said 14 year old decided he wanted to make a spherical cake with the inner layers!  And yes before you ask we did rise to the challenge and a whole evening of different coloured madeira cakes were made using some rather expensive half-sphere cake tins that were purchased at great cost!

Thursday evening saw us complete the cake and said 14 year old has a completed project and a lift to school as a direct consequence, it was a bit stressful making it but overall we had fun and I have another photo ready for the scrapbooking pile!

I hope you've had a great week as well and that you've managed lots of positives and grateful moments, new Rockettes are always welcome so if you fancy joining in - pop a post together pop back and link up - it doesn't have to be war and peace like mine it could just be a bullet pointed list of positives - whatever suits!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Morning all well I'm sharing yet more layouts from my kit this morning - yes it is the never ending kit

First up using washi tape, torn paper a  little bit of fabric trim etc, I managed to document this I personally preferred the moose by a long shot! Photo taken at Eyam Hall

Next up my crazy hubby posing for a picture and looking an aweful lot like dali in this one tee hee!  Lots of greys and yellows, added buttons and stickers and a bit of stamping!

Next up a blend of similar papers with different colours schemes, a splash of orange and some more stamping and little hearts.  Photo taken at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

And yes before you ask the cupboard is almost bare now!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Morning all another 4 layouts from my kit this morning for you to have a look at.  First up an embroidered bird I saw at Yorkshire Sculpture Park done by Emily Sutton, so cute!  I added circles and wooden elements to the page

Next up a photo from Center Parcs, I used a blend of the happy balloon paper with yellow and matted up elements on the page.  Photo of niece and hubby playing badminton!

Then those wavy boards getting used again to create this one, I was pleased with the blend of floral papers given that they were two very different manufacturers! Photo is of our visit to Eyam Hall!

Finally a couple of layered photos from a visit to a local dam, I loved all the ice gathered on the clope down and the birds stood on the ice.  I cut the elements out of another sheet and then layered up to create this layout!

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day

Monday, 16 March 2015


Morning all well another few layouts out of my kit this morning and first up a layout to make you smile, this is my niece who has developed a great hair flick, we were on our way down to the beach when hubby managed to capture it on camera!  It made me smile when I downloaded it later as I had no idea that he'd caught it on camera!

A blend of floral paper, plain cardstock and some wooden elements with a tiny sticker title!

Next up a layout documenting some unsuccessful geo-caching and the height of said 14 year old!

Snowdrops at Yorkshire Sculpture Park an absolute delight to see, a mix of papers and washi tape and some blue alphas

This one documenting the beach in February, I tried to lift the grey colours in the photo and use that blue hint in the sea as it were and blended orange as it's contrasting colour!

Hope you're having a happy scrapping day!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Good morning lovely people, Sunday morning already which means work tomorrow boo hiss, however, am hoping to make the most of today!  Next four layouts from my counterfeit kit

I had a sheet of paper within the kit that looked like coloured distressed floorboards, rather than leave the paper whole I cut into strips and created the flag element on the left hand side of this page. 

Then the photo, title and a bit of hand journalling.  We had actually turned our backs on hubby because he was refusing to talk to us because we'd been ribbing him.  So we said we weren't moving until he started talking again, we were all giggling and laughing about it by the time we'd done!   As it happened he got this shot which shows you just how awesome this sculpture at Yorkshire Sculpture Park is! 

Next up blue cardstock base, the other bit of that floorboard paper some washi tape, photos hand journalling with my amazing white pen and a sticker to add to the mix.  We were on Flamborough Head beach on a very cold February morning - it's one of my favourite places on the Yorkshire Coastline! 

Next up I went all geometric on this one, again really simple 3 squares of paper onto a bright background to make those photos pop.  Photos taken at NT Eyam Hall and show the 'graffiti' on the windows, done a long time ago and amazing to see! 

And finally this family selfie taken by hubby of me, him and said 14 year old as we wandered around the outside of Eyam Hall.  I actually used a patchwork design on this layout that I'd seen online to create the background - in all honesty I don't think it works as well as when it's created in fabric - but hey it's done now!

And that my lovely people is your lot for this Sunday morning hope you are having a very happy scrapping day!

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Morning all well time to share the next lot of layouts from this month's kit.

The first layout works with the yellows and oranges in the kit which I thought were a great combination with the pinks in the photo.  Using some bright geometric circles a little bit of handstitching and the title using up some stickers I've had a while.  The photo itself is a completely unexpected surprise parcel from the very lovely Lesley.  She was aware I was having a rough time before Christmas and parcelled up a happy book, a snowman bar of chocolate and a little bottle of red - I cried when I opened it - such a thoughtful gift from a beautiful and amazing person!

Next up the frozen dam at Worsbrough, on a blue sky day in January what you really need is some fresh air.  The combination of oranges and blues and yellows I felt really complemented the photo.  The design of this layout came from the monthly sketch on UK Scrappers! I love a great sketch!

Finally a layout that makes me giggle.  Using up strips of paper, additions of washi tape and a few hole punched hearts and that photo!  This was my first (and I might add last) attempt at a slimming world brownie, they smelt like brownies they didn't however quite hit the spot with said 14 year old - as you can see from that look on his face!

Hope you have been having fun with your kit this month!

Friday, 13 March 2015


Hello lovely people, well this is my time to share a couple more layouts using the awesome and beautiful and gorgeous legacy papers sent to me by the very lovely Jen!

Now Jen always says to ensure you take off the edging strips of papers so you can make full use of them, and that is what I did here.  The photos of stir it up Sunday in November making Christmas pudding, offcut strips and the 'Families are forever' element of the papers mounted on brown cardstock!

And this is when I took it to extremes, I had lots and lots of leftovers so wondered if I could create a full layouts with the elements!  The photo is of the lady who dresses as Miss Haversham at Kelham Island's Victorian Fayre - she goes around telling all the girls not to talk to boys!  I've also realised that my spelling Haversham isn't technically correct - but hey that's the way I roll!

So what have you been making with the gorgeous kit?  Want to know more check out Jen's website http://www.wearcrafts.co.uk/ and if you live close enough get in contact Jen runs some fab classes!