Friday, 27 February 2015


Morning all Friday - list your grateful moments people

Well after four walling it last week, we pulled out all the stops on Friday and toddled off to the coast to have some fresh air.  Here is my favourite bit of coastline, discovered last year - Flamborough Head! 

It is a tiny beach but lovely, we set off late but didn't care it was about having a jaunt out and enjoying the surroundings.  These two thoroughly enjoyed 'skimming' stones - I call it 'skimming' in quotes because if you'd seen the size and shapes of a lot of them the one thing you wouldn't be able to do was skim them - they had fun nonetheless.

Now when you need to write your name on a giant rock - apparently you need a giant piece of chalk! This will be appearing on a scrapbook layout shortly for obvious reasons!

Hubby got this one really low down to the ground - what a fab view!

We then headed into Bridlington and got a fab sunset

And then got to see some of the other less favourable items in the vicinity! All sorts of wrong!

Slot machines - it's the I won bit that had us rolling, they won then they fed it back into the machine!

Saturday saw a jaunt to Eyam - despite only being an hour away I've never actually been.  Unfortunately, we picked a really really cold day, which means we will probably have to return to appreciate it fully in the summer, however, we did manage to go to Eyam Hall run by the National Trust.

First sign of spring (although it was just after a snow shower so not sure how necessary snowdrops really were).

Outside the Elizabethan Hall and look at those blue skies!

We saw lots of things inside the house - this one tickled me most!

We even had a stroll around the garden - family selfie!

Afterwards we ventured around the few craft shops and stopped at the coffee shop for a cuppa.  Mischief 1 and 2 were on top form as always!

Then the journey back - we were racing the weather - literally - the views over the Derbyshire and Yorkshire landscape was beautiful!

We even got to see left overs from the Tour De Yorkshire last year

Saturday night saw another ice hockey match, which we unfortunately lost (boo hiss) but then managed a win on the return leg in Nottingham this week and got through to the final - phew! Although unfortunately, we didn't get to see the second leg of the match!

Other positives include a fabulous parents evening on thursday night, chatting away to the teachers - said 14 year old verged on having a fan club!  Most funny!

Prompt delivery of some photos I'd ordered early in the week.

Work being understanding when I was poorly, I had to have a couple of days off when the lurgy struck, but I'm on the mend now.

I hope you've had a fabulous week and have lots of positives and grateful moments to note.  If you fancy joining in pop yourself a post together, pop back link up and we will come and visit.


  1. Flamborough Head looks amazing! Have enjoyed my week out with you, thanks!!

  2. Amazing pictures as always - I've been taking photos on Craigs phone (I love his new phone, he can never find it as I'm off playing with the camera!) But haven't had much time to blog my Rocking weeks what with the internet but I am counting my positives sill. I will have to do a catch up post when the net stays on for longer than half hour!

    That hotdog is wrong just wrong but very funny :P

    x x x

  3. Beaches! Blue skies! Flowers! What great photos <3 xxxxx

  4. That´s a lovely piece of coastline Virginia. My boys always had a competition to see who´s stone would jump the most times when they skimmed them.
    Sorry you´ve been under the weather. I hope you are back up and running now.
    I like the bike wheel ´sculpture´. As usual you have found some interesting places to visit. Have a good week. Kate x

  5. Lovely photos, that is a lovely part of the country.

    Good to read you're starting to feel better now - but don't overdo it or you'll put yourself back into your sick bed again :(


  6. What is it with being under the weather? I've been down for two weeks now.
    Love all the pics, but the hotdog and the stuffed moose head had me giggling like a crazy woman.
    Have a super week.