Friday, 20 February 2015


Good morning - we find ourselves on the 8th Friday of 2015 - already!  Time is fair tripping along, this week more than most given that I've been on annual leave.  Time to reflect on the week

First up Hubbies and Mum's birthday AKA Valentine's Day - I think  he enjoyed his weekend, we shared two separate Marks and Spencer's Valentines Meal for two on Friday and Saturday night respectively which were lovely just listening to music and nattering, spent a fab afternoon at my Mum's nattering with family on Saturday afternoon.  And then Sunday we went to the pictures to see the Kingsman - a very weird but quite fun film despite all the violence!  Afterwards we treated ourselves to a meal out at Las Iguanas me and said 14 year old sharing the 2 for 1 non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Hubby (despite it being his birthday) bought me a beautiful bunch of red roses plus some Thornton's lemon mousse chocolates (my favourite) and a fabulous book called 642 Things to Write - I love it, just my sort of escapism! 

Tuesday brought Pancake day and said 14 year old volunteering for making them - he had great fun! 

And no he didn't drop any (came close) but all landed enough in the pan to be fit to eat - even this one!

Then a perfect Rocking moment - Toni of Misteejay fame - (found here on her blog) mentioned recently that she was putting together a beautiful little set of drawers using the Gilded Winter papers. Unfortunately she hadn't purchased the 12 x 12 pack but smaller packs, so knew it would be challenging to do, I volunteered to send her a few sheets, having bought the same pack in 12 x 12 myself.  Toni accepted my offer and I sent a few sheets to her, imagine my surprise when she sent me a thank you card and this beautiful scarf as a thank you, totally unexpected and absolutely lovely to receive.  So thank you Toni, hope the papers did the trick!

Sharing a cuppa with hubby and said 14 year old late on Thursday - here is hubbies coffee photobombing the picture! 

Spending a rainy afternoon with said 14 year old painting a pot - it was definitely what I needed, out of the house, arting, spending time together - nothing finer

Here is his cup the correct way up!

And here he is with the cup

And here is mine, I've painted it stripes of pink and purple which reminded me of the Cheshire cat from the original animated Disney film so I've opted for an Alice inspired quote! 

I hope you've had a good week and that life was filled with silver linings! 

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  1. Gorgeous roses, and I love your mugs that you painted!

  2. Time away from work always seems to fly by far too fast.
    Love the photos of Said 14 year old with the pancakes and his mug - your mug looks super.
    Have a fabulous weekend
    Toni xx

  3. super photos! love the mug.. needs to go into production with those! jx

  4. What a lovely, happy post. Your mug painting looks great fun and fab results too :)

    Karen x

  5. That´s a lovely post this week. Lots of happy times. I´m glad you had a good week. Hugs. Kate xx