Friday, 13 February 2015


Good morning, well tis Friday once more and the 7th Friday of the year already, let's see what positives and grateful moments I've got to celebrate this week.

First up has to be the return of the Six Nations Rugby- yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the match on Friday night and as we were watching the games on Saturday I got to do some scrapbooking, I made a start on 23 layouts - was much fun and I finished them off on Sunday night, all I need now is some proper daylight so I can photograph them!

Sunday found us escaping the house and heading out geocaching, to say we 'failed' is probably an understatement, but hey, we were out of the house, wrapped up warm enjoying the gorgeous winter sunshine and the blue skies what more could we want.

This was where we headed looking for them there geo-caches!

Look how much taller than me he is - crazy stuff!

And the extremes we go to trying to find the damn things LOL

But eventually we just walked back to the dam to enjoy the view!

It was mighty cold

As you can see ice still on the water

We did see something that made me giggle when we were walking, we had to cross via a pedestrian crossing, I was confused as we approached as their appeared to be two crossings, but then I realised the other one wasn't for us.

Next up said 14 year old being his usual humorous self and subjecting himself to a second bite of a slimming world recipe for brownies that ended up too bitter.  he posed so I could document the same - isn't he a star!

Catching up with an old work colleague for a cuppa on Tuesday was fantastic.

Getting a box of goodies I'd bought from Jen at Wear Crafts - hurray in time for the half term break - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As was shopping for hubbies and Mum's birthday presents on Thursday evening with my little sis - who came along too - we were there hours and had great fun, it was really lovely to have a natter and catch up and a successful shopping trip!

Visit to solicitors on Monday to sort wills out, not fun but grateful to have received some good advice and to have got them finally signed off.

And that my lovely people is going to be my lot this week, it's been a varied and mixed one, but I am grateful for all the little happies that happen that make life so much more positive.

If you fancy joining in - it's simple, pop a blog post together, come back link up and leave a message telling me you've posted (as I'm utterly useless at checking LOL).


  1. All that ice - it looks a bit chilly! But as you say, it´s always good to get out and enjoy the Winter sunshine. I´m not sure what geocaching is?!
    I remember when the last of my boys grew taller than me. It is my destiny to be looked down on, but I´m used to it. Two of the grandchildren are taller than me now as well!
    It sounds as though you had a successful shopping trip. Enjoy your half-term week. Kate x

  2. You say that so nonchalantly. 23 layouts over the weekend. Like that's a normal, unremarkable thing to do! I bet we could build a house,or at least a small igloo out of your albums! :-)

    You live in such a beautiful area , love the piccie of the frozen water!

    Have a lovely week Virginia x

  3. What wonderful photos Virginia. Said 14 year old has suddenly had quite a growth spurt, hasn't he and he is looking so much more grown up...doesn't time fly.
    Toni xx

  4. great photos and my oh my isnt he starting to look so grown up and like a proper young man!!! Just wait till he starts resting his chin on your head like my big lump does! have a good week jenx