Friday, 6 February 2015


Good morning one and all, tis Friday already and the first Rocking post of February

Time to take stock on the last 7 days as I note the positives - it might be a dig deep week I'm afraid.

Hubby for that listening ear, just being there, just understanding - bliss!

Said 14 year old for not rolling his eyes (too much) on the spelling front as I battle with his dyslexia - bless him he does tolerate his Mum!

Evening walks - they are always good for the soul and for the brain, plenty of time to chat and put the world to rights and get some exercise to boot - win win!

Returning to Slimming World and the lovely Lesley, after weeks of not going due to family issues and ailments, we finally returned not only to a weight loss but to a lovely warm welcome from Lesley!

Slimming World 8 syn cake - twas alright - not wonderful marvellous and amazing (it lacked real sugar and real cream), but on the whole if you needed a sweet fix I think it would have done the trick!

The moon on Thursday night (sorry for lack of photos - phone was flat), it was huge and orange and simply beautiful!

A catch up with my lovely friend Melanie, she really is a star, we nattered for several hours putting the world to rights as we do and had a good chat - twas bliss!

My brother and sister for dealing with my Mum over the last week helping her up and downstairs (this means carrying her) so she can shower etc.  It's been a long haul up to now and she's still not done yet, but they have both been stars!

That my lovely people is going to have to be your lot this week, in between tiredness, hospitals, carehomes and visits it has been 'one of those' weeks!

I hope yours has been blessed and fruitful and positive, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up, leave a comment and we shall come and visit.  Just so I don't feel like I'm leaving you with no pictures, here is a layout I did a while ago.

I think the title says it all!


  1. I want chips now, even though it's only 6.30 and breakfast time.... hope next week is more positive for you.. You have a very supportive family, and it is lovely each week to see you appreciate them. xx

  2. Did you see the lunar halo this week? It was stunning.

    Great positive catch-up from you this week, Virginia. Although I think I'll pass on that cake - no sugar, no cream, no point....!


  3. Digging deep it may well be, but it sounds like you had a very good week.
    Lovely that your brother and sister jumped in and helped out. It's always good to have people you can rely on.
    Have a great week!

  4. Wasn't the moon beautiful? Well done on the weight loss and yaaaay to the fabulous family.

    Big, big hugs.

  5. It sounds like quite the time you are having and I admire the fact that you manage to stay positive through it all and find the brighter things that can be overshadowed. Hope things settle and get sorted for you soon.

  6. Sounds like a busy week - the moon was beautiful. Love the page, it's one of those things that is very British but I never think to scrap!