Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Morning all without further ado the first three layouts that I created using the kit I've put together this month, the first one is a direct scraplift off the Scrapbook Magazine for this month, it's ages since I did any pinwheels on layouts - I'd forgotten how easy and fun they were.  The original layout I used was done by Lisa Hausmann - check out the Magazine for the original image

The photo documents an Alice in Wonderland quote when we visited Chatsworth at Christmas last year

Another direct scraplift from the Magazine (I decided to use it as a source of inspiration, to get my mojo running) the original was done by Janina Beckett.

This photo documents our early morning walk around Center Parcs just the two of us before the park woke up

And the final another scraplift from the magazine the original done by Judith Nesbitt, I couldn't cut the hearts out using a cutting machine because I don't own one, so I just cut one by hand, drew around it and cut the others, then used offcuts and washi tape to create the designs to sit behind, stitched around the hearts by hand and added the photo.  Which documents our Autumn Bucket List - we did good!

Hope you have a happy scrapping day!


  1. Sigh, your layouts are always such a pretty colour palette. Lovely work!

  2. Oh nicely done - you've had a very scrappy time. There is something to love on every page - especially the stitching on the last.

  3. Wow, you've been busy. I love the pinwheels.

  4. Fantastic layouts as always. Love the pin wheel - I have a feeling that I may need to ake a few before long. Claire x

  5. great job, that park photo is just beauriful.

  6. These are beautiful Virginia. Love that park picture. Awesome. I love Chatsworth too.

  7. Yellow and blue love! The first one has a perfect design and layering, the second one's photo is beautiful; and, the hearts with stitching are awesome!

  8. I love your colors! How pretty!

  9. now that is too funny! I thought that first layout looked familiar - he he! the pinwheels were a lot of fun weren't they!!! Thanks for lifting me :-)

    The photo in the second one is really gorgeous and the heart technique in the third is very creative! Well done on three fabulous layouts using your kit. You are so inspirational!