Friday, 16 January 2015


Good morning, afternoon, evening one and all - I hope I find you well on this our third Rocking Your World post of 2015 - looking back on the positives of the last 7 days - good for the soul - fact!  Fancy joining in, blog it, come back link up and we'll come and visit, and don't forget to tell me in your comment that you've linked up because Mr Linky doesn't tell me when you've linked and I've a brain like a sieve for checking!

Right lovely people the biggest happiest grateful for me this week is that my Mum who had a mastectomy on the 29th December 2014 following her second bout of breast cancer doesn't need to have chemotherapy again - we are absolutely over the moon - she really was dreading going through that again and so we had a prayer answered this week - I can't tell you how happy and what a positive 'sing song' voice she had when she phoned on Wednesday to say it was good news and no further treatment.  She will need to go on tablets and have regular bone scans but other than that she can now recover from her op and crack on with life - like I said the biggest happiest positive of 2015 year so far!

Next up was venturing to the cinema last weekend, we were definitely rattling around the house if I'm honest, so we decided to catch Mockingjay Part 1 before it disappears from the big screen, now in hindsight had I known that they'd decided to film it as though you were jogging along with the characters and thus making the film seem somewhat like a bad bout of vertigo I might have refrained and opted for another film, but hey there isn't much you can do once you are sat in the cinema is there and I did enjoy it!

Another happy is this arriving on Saturday morning, I'd ordered it on Boxing Day so it felt like a long wait to receive it but I was so happy when it did arrive (so was hubby as I was bouncing off the walls at that point)

This means I can finally join in the Documented Life Journal this year and without further ado I set too with the paints and created the first page on goals - so another happy back to arting - yay!

Another happy grateful - said 14 year old having a friend over for tea, he is an absolute pleasure to have over and the two of them play on Xbox and sit chatting it's just blissful.  Unfortunately this particular friend is due to move at the end of this month, it will be so sad that he can't come over any more but I enjoyed what will probably be his last visit before he leaves! 

And that my lovely people are my happies this week - what are yours?  

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  1. What absolutely fabulous news about your Mum!! Your DLP goals page looks wonderful - hope you enjoy the project during the year.

  2. I'm so happy for you all about your Mum, it's the BEST news!

    I'm lovin' your DLP Goals page, and looking forward to seeing your next pages too :)

    Have a great week!


  3. Wonderful news about your mum :D ...and isn't that always the way with boys like ours? they take so long finding someone they feel comfortable with that they don't appear to make friends at all. Same thing happened with us twice now. Hope he finds someone new to trust soon :D XXX

  4. Wonderful news for your mum. I am so pleased for her.
    The journal looks fun. It is not an art form that has ever called to me, I don´t think my crafting is usually that spontaneous, but I always like to see what other folks are doing. Who knows. I might make one one day!
    I hope your son is not too sad when his friend his moves away. Perhaps they will keep in touch. I hope he soon finds a new mate to have fun with. Hugs. Kate x

  5. So glad to hear the wonderful news about your Mum. She must feel so much better hearing the good prognosis.
    Hopefully your son and his friend have made some good memories and they remain friends and keep in touch with each other.
    Have a great week!

  6. Such fabulous news Virginia :)
    Sorry I've been so slack on commenting - hope to be back on top of things soon!