Friday, 9 January 2015


I woke this morning thinking I'd forgotten something and then remembered it was Friday - really second week in and I don't know what day of the week it is?  Whoops, so without further ado this is the last seven days grateful moments

So last Friday saw us toddle off for a little post New Year Center Parc break, we haven't been in forever so it was lovely to be back there chilling and relaxing after Christmas.

First up badminton (and we also managed some table tennis but didn't manage to get any photos of that)

We also enjoyed walking by the lake

We managed a meal out on Saturday night, it was lovely to enjoy a great meal and great company!

And me and hubby snook out for an early morning walk, it was somewhat brisk, but refreshing!

We even got to witness something called a Hoar frost, everything looked furry - fence posts and cars included!

We even found a 'perfect' leaf!

And discovered the beach sand frozen - what on earth was that all about, you can tell it was a wintery sun with those long shadows stretching out in front of us!

Returning home we had four trees (yes I said four) and a stair garland to take down on our return from Center Parcs and whilst it's always easier to take down than put up, if I'm honest you can't take trees down without cleaning so cleaning we did and it went on a bit, I'm grateful that hubby and said 14 year old were just as willing to get the house back in order - it made the job a lot lot easier!

Next up is the return to work always a tough one after a couple of weeks off, but the first day tripped along at a merry old pace and I got loads done as well so that was definitely a positive.

Wednesday found us attending an assessment linked with my Mother-in-law who is still in hospital, unfortunately we are at a point where her dementia means she needs 24/7 care which given that both me and hubby work means it isn't practical for her to come to us, so we are faced with finding her a home.  Whilst that in itself is quite a difficult task, we have managed to find somewhere that feels welcoming and homely that we hope she will be happy in and is also not far from us allowing us to visit her easily.  We have a big task in front of us, sorting her home and selling the same to pay for her care but the worry of getting her somewhere to live is starting to make progress.  A wonderful lady at work put me in contact with one of her friends who talked us through the full process and made things seem an awful lot simpler than they had appeared at first to us so a massive grateful on that front.

The lovely lovely ladies on the WW group - really do help keep us all sane, help us rationalise and help put things in perspective, or just hold our hands (albeit virtually), whilst we go through some of the issues in life, I really don't know what I could have done without this group.

And finally hubby - he really is my absolute rock and over the last few weeks we've had to support each other when we've had issues and problems to sort, this week it was my turn to help him and it felt good to be working together!

I hope you've had a truly positive and blessed week, if you fancy joining in this little habit I've got of counting my blessings, pop a post together come back and link up.  It's always lovely to see a new Rockette on the block as it were, it was just me, Kate and Carmen last year but I've had lots of other lovelies in the past and it is so nice to see what positives we've got to be grateful for.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely little break and the pics are fab.
    Hoping everything works out well with your mother in law. As long as you can find a place close to you visiting will be much easier and more frequent.

  2. Hi Virginia. I love hoar frost and that leaf is beautiful. I am glad you managed a few days away, and fitted back into the work routine without too much trauma. Have a good week. Kate x

  3. As always, love your photos, the leaf looks just stunning.. Glad you have found somewhere for your MIL - it's something that so many of us are going or have been, through. Hope she settles soon.

  4. A great start to your year and great photos!