Friday, 2 January 2015


Good morning - blink and we are here on our first Rocking post of 2015 - a fresh page spread out in front of us!  Not a blemish, not a mark - nor a decent quantity of paint making it pretty - just a clean sheet all ready for the year ahead.  

So my first grateful of this week has to be my amazing Mum, as some of you may know she was diagnosed for a second time with breast cancer just before Christmas, which has come as a serious blow to her and all those around her, however, in the true spirit of an amazing lady she has embraced, enjoyed and loved Christmas and then between Christmas and New Year snook off and had a mastectomy and here she is two days - I'll repeat that TWO DAYS after surgery, with her two grand-children stood either side of her!  We are waiting on results from this to see if any further treatment is needed, so if you can offer up some positives, happy thoughts or prayers that would be much appreciated because we think this lady has been through more than enough up to now - so if she can just recover and crack on with life - well that would be grand!

Next mention is a beautiful, thoughtful and amazing gift that I got from my fellow design team friend Lesley, me and Lesley have got to know each other over this last year being part of the lovely Wear Crafts DT, however, I was utterly bowled over (to the point of tears - albeit happy tears), when I received a parcel a week before Christmas.  Now you'll be saying it's nothing new to get parcels before Christmas containing Christmas presents, but this wasn't a Christmas present this was a gift sent from the heart when she knew I was having a really hard time - hence the tears. 

A little bottle of wine, a bar of chocolate wrapped up in a snowman and a happy book - utterly utterly perfect, Lesley thank you I've know idea if you know how much it meant! 

Boxing Day at my Mum's is always awesome we have a lovely feast of goodies that she was busy busy busy preparing all day, we were well fed when we arrived home.  Now that white stuff that fell from the sky on Boxing Day night at first seemed fun and we were of the view it would be here and gone quickly (little did we know as it lingered for days and today - New Year's Day is our first snow free day since Boxing Day). 

And here is the snow angel he created!

Then I got some lovely gifts at Christmas - this little lot from Susie including an amazing bookbinding book I've wanted for ages!!!!!!!!!

Look how pretty this necklace is and I wore it Christmas day Susie - it's beautiful and so 'me'!

And this beautiful ceramic heart from a friend and old work colleague, I've no idea how she knew I'd got a heart wall on the landing, it now has pride of place up there!

Our third panto of the season - was interesting, had I known how bad the roads were before we set off I would probably have bailed on the same as it was truly treacherous, however, once we were underway I felt compelled to continue however, we did clock watch throughout the show!   The show as fab, albeit somewhat long, we loved the dough throwing bit (when all the musicians disappeared) and the bucket game where the pixie who refused to leave the stage was very entertaining but I must admit to being very relieved to get home safe and sound that night! 

Next grateful is hubby for getting my car to and from the garage on Monday when it was awful out, I really didn't fancy the journey but he didn't bat an eye lid - just got on with the task - he is a star! 

A brisk (actually the wind was brisk but the walk far from it given the icy conditions) walk with hubby from our home, doing a circular route, just a couple of miles walk but it was good to get some fresh air! 

New Year's Eve at my sisters has now become a tradition, however, I felt a bit disappointed that BBC didn't have the Big Ben countdown rather a 10 down to 1 countdown, it all felt a bit surreal, however, it was a fab night with my niece, sister, Mum, hubby, son and myself toasting the new year, enjoying each others company and making plans for 2015 - fantastic stuff! 

And finally my last grateful - a huge lie in on New Year's Day and a complete PJ day watching TV, putting layouts together - utter bliss! 

Here is to a positive 2015, may yours be filled with sparkle and happiness, positives and love, family and friends much love as always! 


  1. I will certainly join the healing vibes for your Mum - and hope that when the results of the surgery come, she doesn't need more treatment. Your Christmas may sound perfect with the white stuff falling, but it's not quite as easy to get around - well done for managing! luckily "down south" it's been ok, bit of rain, but mostly fine. Happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to reading many more Rocking posts this year. xx Helen

  2. What a brilliant post to start the year off. Good friends, amazing family.

    Susie has a sixth sense when putting pressies together doesn't she?

    Big hugs to your wonderful Mum x x x

  3. Wonderful first Rocking post of 2015. I'm sending healing wishes to your dear Mum - she looks so lovely in that photo (is she very petite or are her grandchildren giants?!).

    The gifts you received are so lovely! That necklace is AMAZING and perfect for you :)

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year - I hope that 2015 is kind to you all.


  4. Hope that 2015 brings you happier moments that are easier to find. You have inspired me to take up scrapbooking again...and this year I have already started yay!!!
    That church view looks so like the view :D XXX

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family Virginia!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family and lots of fun.
    Sending good thoughts your Mom's way and hoping things will be fine when she gets her results.

  6. Awe, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday! And so happy that your Mum is doing well! Beautiful gifts and photos. Happy New Year to you! xoxo

  7. Let's hope everything about 2015 is HAPPY!!!