Friday, 23 January 2015


Good morning here we are on Friday morning and it really has been a blink and miss it kind of week.

Saturday night saw us venturing to an Ice Hockey match, and said 14 year old declared it was a really tense game, it was nil nil at full time and then nil nil after extra time which meant penalties which we unfortunately lost on a 0-1 basis.  Such a shame but a good match nonetheless.

Monday was a busy day my mother-in-law has finally reached her final destination in a care home, but it also saw me visiting my Mum in hospital again, she fell at the weekend and broke her leg in not one, not two but three places, so within 2 weeks of being out after a mastectomy she's back in with a broken leg and an operation to plate her foot due to the damage.  And Wednesday night/thursday morning saw her returning after coming home with other issues.  So why the grateful - well grateful we have a National Health Service that are there to help and assist in times like this, as this is now her third time in hospital in recent weeks I'd be grateful if this could also be her last, what we want now is a fully functioning mended Mum, so if you can offer up some positives that would be lovely my wonderful people.

Wednesday grateful was work being practical with the atrocious weather and not opening the office up, the roads were treacherous but the snow kept falling - not fun!

I'm also grateful that said 14 year old didn't submit to the weather, but went for the school bus and managed to get to school, see out the day and make his way home.

Next grateful is school having the sense to cancel parents evening, the evening we'd had the snowfall, it meant we didn't have to venture out again once we were all home safe and sound.

Hubby managing to get to hospital for his pre-op was another grateful, when that snow started we were all a bit worried and you don't really want to cancel hospital appointments, but he managed to get there, we are just waiting on the appointment now.

I'm also loving the documented life project, I was going to join in last year but didn't manage it, this year when my journal finally arrived I set too

Here is week 1 - relating to Goals

then week 2 - which was to use gesso - I had great fun playing with the gesso that Karen bought me as part of my UK Scrappers Secret Santa

And the last week which was around colours

I'm planning on making the heart shape an integral part of every page I do.

The lovely post lady managing to struggle through the snow to get to us on Wednesday meant a fab pile of photos arriving that I'd ordered so let further scrapbooking commence - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

That my lovely people is my list for this week, there are a few items which whilst aren't great are just life and we have to deal with what it throws at us, however, in amongst the detritus there are positives which is why I do this post religiously week in and week out.

If you fancy joining in this just pop a post together, pop back link up leave a comment to remind me to come and visit and that's it!

Hope you have had a good week


  1. You are up and running now Virginia. I had just copied my URL ready to link it when I realised you had already done it! Thank you.
    I don´t know much about ice-hockey so I wouldn´t know a good game if I saw one, but I can imaging it is pretty fast and furious.
    I didn´t know anyone had enough snow to be a hazard yet. Stay safe. I´m glad you didn´t have to go out at night in it.
    I´m so sorry about your mum. I am sure they will get her put back together again soon! Like you say, at least you still have the NHS, (for now anyway), so you know she will get the care she needs. And I hope MIL soon settles into her new home. It is a lot for you to cope with all at once, but you have a great family supporting you, and that will help. I´ll be thinking of you. Take care. Hugs. Kate xx

  2. Golly, what a week you've had - not sure I'd have been able to make much grateful out of that! Hope your poor Mum is ok soon and her leg mends well.. what a time she's had! Your DLP pages are gorgeous!

  3. Oh Virginia, your poor Mum. Sending good thoughts her way for a speedy recovery and no more hospital visits after that.
    We've got no snow here now, but it is bitterly cold. That makes it nice to get home in the evening and not have to go out again.
    I love the journal pages. Maybe one day I'll pick mine up again.
    Have a fab week.

  4. Your poor poor Mum, she's had such a rough time of it lately. Get well doon, Virginia's Mum!

    I'm loving the DLP pages; those layers and colours are so 'you'!