Thursday, 22 January 2015


Good morning, I hope I find you well this morning, I wake to yet another snowy scene this morning here in Yorkshire, but the office is open, so I'll be venturing in a short while.

Anyway I digress slightly here I am sharing yet more counterfeit kit layouts.

First up is a layout of my sister at my birthday meal last year, we gathered all the glasses from the table around her for the photo to make it look like she was having a complete party!  In my UK Scrappers Secret Santa at Christmas, Karen (my Secret Santa as I subsequently discovered), included some wavy boards, which were designed to be painted/inked/covered in paper and used on layouts, however I've found they are also great to draw around and cut papers - so my new obsession is wavy board elements on my layouts as you can see on this layout.  It broke up the pretty pink paper which was one of those 'almost done' sheets.

Next up the first of two pages which looks as though it's not finished - it is it's just that I don't have permission to share the photos to appear on the two white blocks as they include a lot of school friends.  However, rest assured that they are now complete and ready for my scrapbook album. They also make a double page spread, so I could include plenty of photos around the day!

I had fun including hand stitching on lots of these layouts that I've done over the last few days.  The photo in this one shows the final colour station on the colour assault course.  We thought we were out of the 'zone' of paint, but can confirm that boots, coats and clothing would disagree on that front.

So have I exhausted my layouts for this month, well the kit, even with top up is pretty empty now, but I've still got some layouts to share, including some on the blog hop on Saturday morning!


  1. Fab LOs Virginia. You may now have exhausted the kit but you certainly got plenty out of it.
    Toni xx

  2. Great layouts. I never know what to do when there are photos I can't share... is blurring any good? Should I just not blog them? I may well follow your lead next time I have one of those situations and just leave the photo off until I have photographed.x

  3. You have gotten lots from this kit. These are splendid, love the stitching on each. See you on the hop Saturday.

  4. got paint bombed???? sounds awesome fun :D (still snow here...and ice!) XXX

  5. you got masses from the kit - well done! another great selection of layouts and the hand stitching is really great!

  6. Cute layout. Love all the stitching.
    Cindy F