Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Good morning, well I find myself faced with a snow day - yay - which means I can pop a post together now I've finally managed to photograph some more of my counterfeit kit layouts.

The photos on these were quite poor if I'm honest, so it made a lot of sense to trim them to a more sensible size and try and centre the images, it also meant I got more on my layout so win win.  I've really enjoyed playing with pink in my layouts this month - strange isn't it sometimes when you use something that you wouldn't normally!

The photo was taken at Chatsworth Country Fayre last year of a Spitfire and Hurricane (I think) that were putting on an air display at the time.

Next up one of the amazing sculpture at Beyond Limits last year.  I tried to use grey to blend in with the sculpture colour itself (and look more pink).

Finally a photo taken at Luminere last year, one of the few 'well lit' parts of the walk around that evening.  Unbeknownst to hubby at the time of taking this photo, he had managed to gain a travelling companion in the form of a spider on top of his hoody, when he came down from the banking I saw it's silhouette.  Now I'm not a fan of spider whatsoever, but couldn't cope with the idea of it there - so I was braved and swooped in and knocked it off, hubby didn't know what was happening - I thought that although the photo was quite poor the story was worth documenting.  One of the blessing of scrapbooking, it's the little things you remember as well.

So have I exhausted my kit this month - don't be silly still plenty to share later!


  1. Great use of pink, which isn't my first 'go to' colour when scrapping other than for little girls, but your LO's are great, so nice to push the boundaries occasionally and do the out of the orfinary. Love the spider story...

  2. You have some great photos there on really nice pages, well done. I'm loving the versatility of the pink here.

  3. I'm amazed by your productivity. Way to work through the kit -- good thing that you made such a full kit. Great job using so many pinks!

  4. All those pages so far! What a great way to start 2015 :)
    I adore the spider story, especially as the photo includes his shadow.

  5. Great layouts, the photos of the plane and clouds is awesome. I like the touch of pink on these.
    Cindy F.