Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Good morning, oh it's cold out there again, sharing more non 12 x 12 items.  This was one of several Christmas mini books I created.  It is a 'doctored' class I got taught a while ago, the original book was gate fold, which whilst fine, needed a comprehensive fastener for the same.  I turned it into a standard book and expanded the spine to create this.

I actually only bought an 8 x 8 pack of these papers but managed to utilise them really well in the book which measures around the 6 x 6 mark, leaving lots of strips to add to pages.  The die cut was a freebie from the front of a magazine before Christmas!

Inside pockets with pull outs, all the papers coordinated and I liked the richness the purple cardstock brought to the book.

I left it plain and simple and sent 'extras' to add to the pages once they were filled with photos and memories!

More pages

I love putting these books together and glad they are well received.

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!


  1. We are polar opposites, I never make mini books and you make fab ones all the time!

  2. Fabulous (not so little) gifts :D XXX