Sunday, 25 January 2015


Over the last couple of weeks I've been emptying the blog folder with some of the older projects that I've had in there.  Today is the turn of tags - in 2013 a group of my friends got the chance to meet up for the day at Ally Pally, unfortunately I wasn't one that managed to get there but enjoyed the fact that they got to meet up.  We agreed as part of that meeting to exchange a Tag in our own unique style; these are the ones I received.

First one from Sarah

This one from Sam!

This one from Jo

This one from Susie

This one from Carmen

I also received an 'extra' one from Jo's daughter Hope

In return I sent a bundle off to the girls, what they won't have realised at the time of receiving them is that they all interlocked in design, to represent our closeness despite living far from each other and many of us having never met in person!  These are the individual tags

And here they are together showing the interlocking cogs that make this friendship so strong


  1. That is so cool about the interlocking cogs!!!! I never realised

  2. Ah Virginia - that last picture just totally made my morning! What a clever and beautiful thing to do!

  3. That is so lovely - what a great idea & so thoughtful.

  4. Oh...I is in tears here....that is wonderful Virginia...super (((hugs))) xx

  5. That is such a lovely thing to do, and making yours interlocking - genius!

  6. Fabulous tags. I love how your ones all interlock - what a super idea.
    Toni xx