Friday, 26 December 2014


Crikey, blimey o'trousers it's Friday and I hadn't realised it.  Therefore it's time for the last Rocking post of 2014!

Well the week has been lovely up to now, busy but lovely and the day pretty much went according to plan yesterday so a big win win in my book!  

This was the table before the day as it were - an Alice in Wonderland themed tree and matching Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas table, so the first positive is my hubby for accepting that I'm completely mad most of the time and happily embracing the idea and running with it - we had so much fun creating this! 

Said 14 year old helping with the heart shaped napkins on Christmas Eve, it's the little things in life! 

the tea light holders created at the last minute and the planned/unplanned bowls of rose lights!

Even cutting and laminating a set of Alice cards - we were all involved spending time together - bliss!

Loving said 14 year old's new minion onesie!

the table in natural daylight all ready for the day ahead!

It really did look pretty!

I even revamped the shelves behind and put all Alice themed items on them, and fifteen minutes before everyone arrived I created the world's fastest Alice layout to finish off the shelves!

Me and hubby before everyone arrived!

And the crazy melee after the present opening!

Started at 1pm, sat for starter at 2.30, main course around 4.30 and pudding around 7pm and everybody toddling off just after 9pm - a fantastic day was had by all!

I hope you and yours had a positive day too!

Reflecting on the year I've had a pretty awesome one, spending time, enjoying life, being grateful for each and every moment from celebrating with my little sis following her graduation!

To wandering around Chatsworth on my birthday!

Getting to meet Jen in person - finally!

Just chilling with hubby on holiday

Watching these two wind each other up - they can't help it!  They are such good friends and great fun to be around - which makes me feel very very blessed!

Enjoying the fresh air and time with family

Maize maze at night

Chatsworth at night

Colour assault challenge!

Cobwebs at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Scrapping fun with my Mum and sister

Reunion with school friends

Art abandoning was fun!

Autumn walks

Preparing for Halloween

bucket lists

Chatsworth at Christmas

And just in case you didn't know - we are all mad as hatters in this family - my amazing Mum included!

I hope you've had a truly beautiful and blessed Christmas and that your year on the whole looks and feels positive, I'll leave Mr Linky for those that fancy joining in - I'll see you in 2015!


  1. What an amazing table - it looks fabulous Virginia.
    A super look back at the year. Sorry I haven't played along very much this year but I have really enjoyed your posts and wonderful photos.
    Hope you are all enjoying the rest of the festivities.
    Toni xx

  2. I hadn't really realised it was Friday either..LOVE your Alice themed table, how brilliant was that idea! So good to share some of your highlights of the year again, too. Hope you all have a wonderful 2015 in every way possible.

  3. I love the heart serviettes, and the rest of the table. It all looks lovely and festive. It has been a roller-coaster year for you but I am glad to have been able to share it. I hope 2015 has something really special lined up for you. Hugs. Kate xx

  4. Virginia - You are awesome! I've blogged about you here...

  5. I love your Alice themed table!! So much fun! What a great year you've had too :-)