Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Good morning - how is everyone, mighty chilly here in Yorkshire this morning.  A while ago, Jen sent me some gorgeous papers from Wear Crafts to play with, I had to eventually admit they were defeating me and when things get like that it's easier to step away from the screen as it were.  But then I dragged them back out and didn't engage brain (much easier if you are fighting with papers) and started to create with them - I was amazed at how they came together so easy!

First up said 14 year old and hubby chatting when we were away in the summer, they weren't aware that I was taking the photo, they were watching a bird of prey at the time riding the thermals.  I kept it really simple and I think it works!

Then this one documenting our first trip on the Bridgnorth cliffside tram thingy - you know the ones I mean!

I cut the frame out of the photo and then flipped it over and placed it on another sheet.  Matted up some scallop cut circles

Simple but effective, if you fancy looking at some of the gorgeous papers Jen has then head over to the Wear Crafts site by clicking on the button above on the right!

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  1. Walking away is so much easier - I totally agree!