Friday, 21 November 2014


Here I am once again, finding the week has tripped along at a merry old pace!  It really does get crazy silly doesn't it at this time of the year!

So what positives have the last 7 days brought?

Well the hairdressers last Friday to tame this crazy hair of mine (and said 14 year old), it always feels great after it's done but it's back to giant crazy hair again now - far too long to dry it let along straighten and now it's needing a bottle of the blonde stuff to make it look happier!

Saturday was a strange day, we had a to do list we just chose not to do anything from it, with a food shop before I knew what was happening I was defrosting fridges and freezers and clearing out food cupboards with hubby - so why the positive, well knowing what we have, means we get to use things up and we don't waste things, plus it needed doing before Christmas anyway so win win on that front!

Sunday - a jaunt down to the local heritage centre for a wander around their Christmas stalls, it was lovely to browse, an awful lot of jewellery stalls to be had and a few foodie ones that we had to steer clear of but lovely to have a wander all the same.  We took my sister and niece, so it was lovely to catch up with the two of them.

Talking of sister and niece, the fun we had in the second hand reloved store - they called it vintage - I called it second hand and personally wouldn't be seen in any of the items in the store, however, I can appreciate the fact that the items would be one offs as it were thus making them more appealing to my teenage niece.  She looked amazing in the sloppy jumper she found.  Then my sister found the hats, she has always loved hats, it doesn't matter what they are like she just loves them!   So here is the photo of her trying on that hat which she apparently has regretted not buying ever since!  I did ask her where she thought she'd be able to wear it - answers on a post card.  You might also notice the rather purple looking hair that she is currently sporting!

Monday and Tuesday disappeared but the physio on Wednesday was helpful to the foot albeit really painful!  However, if I get my foot to the point where I can start walking more frequently I'd be more than happy!

Other positives - the speed of deliveries after a clicking frenzy (aka panic frenzy) on Sunday afternoon. 

People at work being lovely about my mini books and scrapbooking when I took a couple of things in to show them - made me fair smile! 

Hubby - just because and said 14 year old - who is fab - as always! 

I hope your week has been full of positive grateful moments, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and we will come and visit! 


  1. Must be something in the air _ I've been having a general declutter too :)

    Love Melanie's hair!

    Carmen x

  2. It´s good to see a couple more rockettes signing in before me this week. I´ll be back to visit them in the morning. I tried to link up earlier but our internet is a bit hit and miss this week. But it has worked now I think. I did a big fridge and larder sort out this week too. Makes you feel you´ve really achieved something doesn´t it? Sounds like you´ve had a good week. Hugs Kate x

  3. I think she should have bought the hat too if it made her smile and it really went with the hair!! A good de-clutter is always a good thing... I have had quite a few in the months since I returned from travelling... though the piles of stuff don't seem to totally vanish... I'm working on that!! LOL