Friday, 14 November 2014


Good morning, well it's Friday again - argh!  I mean yay!!!!!  It has been an incredibly fast week this week.

So list of grateful moments for this last 7 days.  Well first up a trip to the theatre last Friday to see Stomp.  Not our first venture to see this (we went a few years ago), but this was different and we really really enjoyed it.

Saturday was full of jobs around the house, sorting the garden out now the scaffold is down, tidying up generally, I would dearly have loved a final cut on the grass but that's not going to happen by the looks of it.  Getting the windows steamed and the window frames cleaned - just general jobs around the house.

Sunday arrived far too quickly but a much needed lie in which was very welcome.  Making Sunday lunch with hubby, a proper roast dinner with Yorkshire savoury puddings - most enjoyable and enough 'left over' to do Monday night's tea as well.

Autumn colours, I cannot tell you how many times this week I wish I'd been a passenger rather than the driver so I could have caught some of the gorgeous colours around at the moment.  With high winds forecast I can't see the colours lasting much longer, but I've loved them nevertheless.

Physio - at long last my appointment for my foot arrived.  I have a very lovely physio who thinks he can get things 'working' again (fingers crossed), the pain in my foot is severe and it is thought to be linked with my achilles tendon I'm hoping he can make some improvements for me so I can actually start walking more regularly.

Finally finishing my Christmas junk journal - arranged by Rebecca, I have thoroughly enjoyed pulling this together if I'm honest and now it's finally on it's way I can concentrate on other things I've got to sort.  My Christmas stocking is completed for the UKScrappers Christmas stocking swap, just need to get it boxed up and sent on its way nearer the time.  I've been far more organised in these craft tasks and swaps than I have been sorting Christmas presents - ooh dear, let's hope I can make some headway on that front as well.

Right lovely people that's my lot, hope you've had a fab week and that you've got lots of grateful moments to share.  If you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back link up and we'll come and visit.


  1. I agree about how fast the weeks go, can't quite believe it's Friday again already! Good news about the physio, hope it happens soon and helps!

  2. Hope the physio helps Virginia. Stomp sounds a lot of fun and am glad all the scaffolding is down now.

    You'll love your return journal - I did the Halloween one - keep meaning to take photos. It was fab though!

    Carmen x

  3. I am with you on the Autumn colours - so beautiful, and here for such a little while.
    How quickly the weeks speed by, but it sounds as though you are on target with your Christmas tasks.
    Have a good week. Kate x

  4. sounds like a great week :-)

  5. Sincerely hope the physio does the trick for your foot. I have obviously reached that age when arthritis is seeping into joints and it chose my big toe to reside! Bugger... it makes walking so darned painful but I am not about to give in to it yet... afraid if I don't keep using it then it might just seize up on me! LOL I haven't started Christmas shopping yet... avoidance will not make it any easier of course but I am thinking that now I am home again I can do a lot of it online!! :)